Sports Betting Sites

If you like sports betting and have even learned to forecast the final score, why don't you try betting on a football match, a hockey tournament, or a tennis competition? Choose proven online bookmakers, register on the website, top up your deposit, and grab maximum benefits from an online bookie.

Find all the most interesting details about legal betting platforms of 2023 in the review below. Here. you will discover the types of sports disciplines that are most often found in modern online betting, the features and the sports betting site ranking, valid payment methods, advantages, and tips on choosing the optimal platform for iOS or Android with top promos, etc.

Kinds Of Sport For Betting

Officially, the history of sports betting started in the XVII century. The British and the French are still at odds, claiming that it was in their country that the birth of sports betting took place. So, the Brits ensured that horse racing was the national pride of the British. Namely, modern betting began with betting on horses. At the same time, the French insist it was on their land that the world's first equestrian sports bets were made. And they have documentary evidence of confirmation - the May 15, 1651 race in the Bois de Boulogne.

At the moment, the heyday of online betting is associated with the introduction of advanced technologies. In the XXI century, betting became available online, so the entire market experienced unprecedented growth. It comes with various kinds of competitions, and you can bet any sports choosing competitions in a countless number of disciplines:

  • Football;
  • Hockey;
  • Tennis;
  • Basketball;
  • Volleyball;
  • Cricket;
  • Boxing;
  • Table Tennis;
  • Moto Racing;
  • Badminton;
  • Horse Racing;
  • Golf, and some others.

In general, there are over 25 sports betting online markets in the modern betting industry, divided into team and individual types. There is an immediacy regarding opinion among inexperienced playes that it is easier to predict the outcome of an event where everything depends on one athlete than to guess the result of a volleyball or baseball competition. There is logic in this thought. For example, in tennis or boxing, the favorite wins more often. The reason is:

  • When you bet on any sports, including a tennis tournament, there is no need to consider the depth of the bench, the role of new team members, or the quality of the combinations played.
  • In an individual sports event, there is no way to make a replacement and release a new athlete on the field who can turn the tide of the confrontation.

At the same time, if an athlete gets injured and can not stay on the field, the opponent will go further along the tournament grid. In team sports, there is no such pronounced dependence on one player. Even if we are talking about a team captain, a central midfielder, or an attacker. It turns out that it is impossible to say that the best option for betting on sports is individual or, conversely, team. It all depends on several specific details, starting from the home field factor and ending with the players' motivation.

Soccer Betting

Soccer is a team sport discipline, and the number of athletes in a team can reach 52 people. Before choosing soccer for placing wagers with the bookie, all the factors of team play should be taken into account at once, as well as the rules of soccer itself. Besides, experienced gamblers recommend watching several broadcasts of various competitions to understand this sport in more detail. You can even record your own observations. This will simplify the process of future soccer predictions.

Here are some highlights of online sports betting on this sport that can be highlighted:

  • Most soccer wagers are made on the matches of the English Premier League (EPL). Of course, you can bet on other tournaments or little-known events, but there is very little information about such competitions for making the right predictions. And absolutely unpopular coincidences in the line may simply not be. The margin difference is also quite significant, being 2-3% for the EPL and 8-10% for other tournaments.
  • When choosing the best soccer betting strategy with proven liquidity, it is worth considering the statistical data. According to it, clear leaders win the match in most cases. Outsiders become champions in 30% of tournaments.

Remember that you should not constantly choose sports spread betting on favorites to win. Such thoughtless tactics will definitely not bring profit or warranty in the long run. Although outsiders lose if you compare them with the favorites, this is not so significant because the handicap plus goes to them in 54 cases out of 100. And only high-quality analytics will allow you to clearly understand whether it is worth taking a favorite in a particular match.

Live Betting

These wagers are placed directly during the match, unlike ordinary bets that are made before the game starts. Opting for the best app for sports betting, you will surely discover such betting options, and some applications have a much wider functionality for accepting such bets than for pre-match wagers.

Live bets online require players to have sports betting experience, appropriate skills, analytical thinking abilities, and knowledge of the game chosen for betting. That is why live bets are not suitable for newbies. Wagers during live streaming are more suitable for players with experience, high intelligence, and rapid reaction.

According to betting statistics, users prefer live wagers to a greater extent, although the risk of losing funds with this type of sports betting online is pretty high. Here are some benefits you will get if you choose live betting online:

  • Many betting opportunities with high bet limits. Live events betting options allow you to make many bets in the short run.
  • Fast change of odds. It allows you to catch more profits compared to pre-match bets. The coefficients can rise and fall sharply, and the favorites can turn into outsiders abruptly. And so, when watching a match, an experienced player, quickly assessing the current situation, picks the right moment to place an unbeatable bet.
  • Insurance rates. The instant settlement allows you to use different betting tactics created specifically for the live mode. Most competitive sports betting systems rely on increasing the amount after a loss to win back the loss and make a profit. And so, insurance minimizes losses or even brings a guaranteed income to a bettor.

Betting On Tennis Tournaments

Tennis is a popular individual sport of high prestige. It may seem easy and understandable discipline at first glance. For fans, this is one of the most spectacular and exciting events. Major tennis tournaments attract a huge number of people worldwide. That is why tennis is so popular among bettors as well.

These days, you can find lots of sports betting platforms with tennis lines. And many bookies give pretty wide ranges for tennis competitions. You can bet on the following outcomes:

  • The winner of a match. Everything is pretty transparent here — the bettor needs to choose a winner. Keep in mind that the draw in tennis is impossible.
  • Online bookmakers accept wagers on the total number of sets and games that will be played in the match.
  • As in Totals, you can bet sports online on the athletes' handicaps on sets and games. For equal rivals, they can come with the same values, for example, +1.5 for sets and games. But the odds may be different. Therefore, before you catch a good coefficient, make sure that the wager is made correctly.
  • Special tennis bets. As a rule, they only appear at the Masters Series or the Grand Slam tournaments. These betting options come with breakpoints, mistakes of the athletes, and other interesting statistics.

Basketball Betting Leaders

Basketball is the second most popular team game with a ball in the world. Millions of fans regularly watch those spectacular NBA competitions with special dynamics and vivid gameplay.

In 2023, each online sportsbook provides users with basketball wagers on the outcome. Millions of dollars of bets definitely affect the attractiveness of basketball for increased attention from modern online sport betting platforms.

But how to select the leading sites to place basketball bets? We took into account the following points:

  • Many available leagues, championships, and tournaments;
  • Detailed action lines for each event;
  • Reliability and dedication of the bookmaker according to reviews of real players;
  • A huge number of live basketball events;
  • Accuracy of the display of time and score during the match;
  • The quality of sports betting app broadcasts;
  • The level of displaying the progress of the meeting via the match tracker;
  • The features of statistics provided to players during the game;
  • The level of betting odds in comparison with competitors.

So, we recommend the best basketball bookmakers based on the listed criteria in 2023:

  • Bet365;
  • Melbet;
  • GGBet;
  • Zenit;

Choosing The Best Sportsbook

The first steps to bet any sport can be difficult, especially for newbies. And so, if you are starting a career as a professional bettor, you should learn some proven recommendations from betting experts.

First of all, spend some time learning the basics of betting terminology. Then, choose a sport to your liking and try some betting strategies. Next step - you should choose an online bookie. But there is a question: how do you evaluate this or that platform?

Below is a set of tips and criteria on how to bet on sports when choosing a betting site that will pay what is fair. Moreover, the listed criteria will be useful both for a beginner choosing the first company to play and for a professional who wants to change the online platform for a more profitable one:

  1. Check the license. Whenever you search for a trustworthy site, look on the platform for legal data regarding the owner, the founder, and the bookmaker's license.
  2. Learn the rules. Before signing up, read the terms and conditions of the betting platform. You should study the detailed information regarding wagering, payments via bank cards and electronic wallets, account blocking cases, prohibited techniques, and strategies.
  3. Choose the site with a simple verification to bet on sports online. The complicated identification process shows that the bookie is not too well versed in modern technologies. And this indirectly indicates possible issues in the future related to the optimization of the website, betting software, wire transfer options, or belated innovations in the work of the platform.
  4. Check out the history of the company's existence. If an online bookie has been operating in the betting field for several years, it means that it has managed to earn capital for itself and is confidently keeping high positions in the market.
  5. Complete the betting lines selection. The more best sports betting disciplines and events there are on the bookmaker's site, the wider the opportunities for players to bet.
  6. Estimate the features of the bookmaker action line for the prematch. Many leagues and events in various sports allow you to use different betting strategies.

Licensed Betting Sites

Choosing a reliable bookmaker is the main task of any bettor. Today, you can find hundreds of platforms that offer sports betting services on the Internet. How not to get lost in this diversity? It's simple - pick websites with an official license. And, to avoid wasting precious time searching for the best virtual bookmakers, take a look at our selection.

Here are the best sports betting sites in 2023, according to the reviews of real bettors.

Betting site



Bet Storm

●      Attractive welcome offer – place a bet of £10 and grab £20;

●      Prices boosts come  daily;

●      Many available sports and markets;

●      Full coverage of all the top eSports events.

Malta Gaming Authority


●      The UK’s leading sports spread betting website;

●      High returns than with fixed percentage odds betting;

●      Many available markets to bet on sports.


Mr Mega

●      Profitable in-play options;

●      Easy to claim welcome reward after making a deposit;

●      Great number of payment services.

Malta Gaming Authority


●      Nice looking website layout and excellent bet calculator;

●      Lucrative welcome offer - £10;

●      Live casino options.

Malta Gaming Authority

Bet Goodwin

●      Almost 50 sport betting markets;

●      Hot betting deals for horse racing;

●      Well-established bookie with a unique history.


Can we assume that all modern online bookmakers are safe platforms? Yes and no at the same time. If you join one of the new betting sites from our rating, then everything is fine. We only include reliable online bookmakers in the table above. However, choose one we don't have on the list, and you may not be able to find out how safe it is to bet with them.

The top sports betting sites use 128-bit SSL encryption, corresponding to the same safety level used by internet banks. In fact, all the data that is transmitted over the Internet is converted into certain numbers and symbols. This information is then decrypted when it reaches its destination. If the data ends up where it shouldn't be, it is completely indecipherable.

You should stay away from any bookmakers not licensed by famous gambling authorities. Without industry regulation, betting websites are unsafe and cannot be trusted.

Reliable Sportsbook

To enjoy online sports betting and earn money from your hobby, you need to choose reliable bookmakers. Of course, the main guarantee of a decent betting site is the availability of a valid license. But what else do you need to know when choosing a place for virtual sports fun?

So, successful sportsbooks usually have common features. Among them, you can especially highlight such criteria:

  1. Impeccable reputation. Professional bookmakers always have clear plans to build their reputations. These offices personalize goals and the entire way of functioning even at the stage of launching the platform. And so, after a while, such a bookie gets a decent reputation, which customers and competitors know.
  2. Safe payment transactions. Reliable bookies offer customers only the most proven ways (Visa, PayPal, Skrill, etc.) to deposit and withdraw funds. Recognition of the importance of financial transactions determines the success of a bookmaker.
  3. Work experience. To be successful in the betting business, a bookmaker needs to focus on increasing the time spent working with clients and finding new potential players. And it takes a certain amount of time. Unsurprisingly, the most reliable bookies have been operating in the betting market for several years.
  4. Prompt customer service. The best sport bet app always provides its visitors with first-class customer support. When choosing a betting site, always pay attention to this crucial criterion. Top bookmakers in 2023 provide all the necessary communication channels to their gamblers - mobile call, email, and live chat.

Popular Sports To Bet On

Before choosing an online bookmaker to have fun and earn money, you first need to decide on the type of sport. Today, top bookmakers offer numerous types of competitions in a variety of sports disciplines. We analyze and combine the most popular types below:

  • Football

This is the king of online sports betting without a doubt. Why did this happen? It's all about financial investments. Football was promoted the most: many sports clubs were created during the last 20 years worldwide, the most sponsors were collected, and world leagues were opened, earning high profits from year to year. No type of competition brings so much money. Therefore, an additional industry has grown up around football events, with most of the best apps for sports betting having one or more bonuses specifically for this sport. As a result, in 2023

, more than 50% of all online bets are on football.

  • Tennis

The second top-rated competition on our list, which accounts for many wagers from bookies, is tennis. Why did it overtake, for example, hockey or baseball? Here, the crucial reason is the same – finances, but from the players themselves. Besides, many players choose tennis as it is easier to predict.

Firstly, the responsibility for the game's outcome is borne by one athlete, not the entire team. Secondly, the psychological factor, when the possibilities of rivals are immediately visible because there are only two athletes on the field (if a player is injured, there is no one to replace them, and in case an athlete is tired, you can tell this by their face, etc.).

  • Basketball

One more popular kind of sport for sports betting online  is basketball. The NBA has raised the level that other leagues are trying to reach. Basketball attracts many online bettors these days, so the third rating place here is well deserved. Basketball bettors benefit when placing on this sport due to a quick change of coefficients in real-time and some predictability of the outcome.

  • Hockey

This sport is also among the top most popular disciplines in terms of betting. The main advantage of hockey online betting is that such games are held from morning to night, and there is no shortage of events. Besides, a niche of live hockey broadcasts is developing, contributing to even greater involvement of those who want to try a hand at hockey betting.

  • Volleyball

This type completes our list of the top-rated sports disciplines. The peculiarity of volleyball games is that the rivals do not face each other here. This can be called a "good and fair competition," although the struggle for victory there is pretty tough in volleyball.

Currently, about 10% of all sports bets come to volleyball matches. Many online bettors themselves were volleyball players in their youth. Plus, the games take place quite often, and this is already a great option for extra bets.

The rest of the sports disciplines bookies accept wagers on in 2023 already have a total of less than 10%, but they should still be called:

  • motorsport;
  • baseball;
  • table tennis;
  • racing;
  • handball;
  • biathlon;

The Best Sports Betting Odds

Modern online bookmakers evaluate the possibilities of each outcome of sports events. And so, the products that are offered to players for placing bets just reflect this opportunity. The total percentage that the bookie receives from each hit is also included in the odds. That's why the coefficients for the same tournament may vary depending on the platform. They apply diverse aspects. The lower this fee, the better for the customer who already knows how to sports bet.

Every licensed bookie comes with a margin. Although, this is not a fixed point. The margin differs depending on a particular bookmaker or even the specific sports discipline. For example, betting sites offering high odds on football may provide low odds on hockey, etc.

If you really care about the betting sports odds, we recommend that you compare internet bookmakers' wagers before the event runs. For that, you can use odds comparison services that simplify the search for the best coefficients. These services scan several markets offered by bookies and show odds to players.

How can you use such a service?

  • Place sports wagers with the highest possible coefficients. Online bookies usually allocate the best odds without making minimum odds.
  • To keep your time. You can compare the betting odds yourself, but you will waste too much time. It is much more convenient to open the match you need in the service and learn the odds of different online sports betting sites.
  • For arbitrage wagers. Special scanners are mainly used for this purpose. However, they have one drawback. players place too many bets on the markets offered by scanners. This makes bookies suspicious, they may announce a beta test or restrict your betting account.

Online bookies who provide excellent odds in 2023:

Betting site



  1. A special window with valid markets of a particular event;
  2. Statistics and results section;
  3. Great virtual sports betting unit, etc.


  1. Many competitions to place wagers on and a wide range of markets;
  2. Full, partial, and auto-withdrawal;
  3. Special long-term wagers are available.


  1. 28 betting sections with politics and show business included;
  2. Plenty of football events and markets to bet on;
  3. Brilliant horse racing section.


  1. Accumulator bets winnings increased;
  2. Prompt help center;
  3. Virtual sports betting section, etc.


  1. Lots of events and markets to bet on;
  2. An impressive range of payment tools (Mastercard, Paysafecard, etc);
  3. Top events live streaming.

Gambling Commission

Each betting site with a proven reputation has a valid license from the gambling commission. The most famous authorities are situated in Malta, Curacao, the UK, and Gibraltar.

All licensed online betting operators and gambling software vendors must comply with specific licensing requirements, including technical standards and transmission features, and conduct annual security audit reports.

Besides, all the best sport betting apps must undergo a security audit within six months of obtaining a license. The scope of the security audit should cover these crucial points:

  • electronic systems that record, keep, process, send or retrieve confidential customer data such as credit or debit card details, authentication personal information, customer account balances, etc;
  • electronic systems that collect, generate, transmit or process the results of sports events;
  • electronic programs that store the outcome or current state of the client's betting history;
  • points of login and exit from the electronic systems (other systems capable of interacting directly with the main critical systems);
  • communication networks that keep and transmit confidential data about customers.

Online Payment And Withdrawal Methods

When betting online on sports betting websites, an important point must be taken into account: what are the most convenient tools to deposit and withdraw profit from the bookie site?

Stay tuned while we present you the best bet online sports options and payment services available in 2023:

Banking method

Deposit speed




Availability and Secure



Fast withdrawals, highly trusted service



Fast withdrawals, high cashout limits, highly trusted elite sports betting service



Fast withdrawals, high cashout limits



Highly regulated method, requires no additional costs



Good tool for those who prefer small deposits

Advantages Of Sports Betting

Bookmaker customers are often interested in how sports betting works, as well as its advantages. Unlike land-based betting offices, the official websites of bookmakers allow you to make deals without leaving home. It is also easy to fund an account and create withdrawal requests.

Among the crucial benefits of virtual betting, there are such points:

  1. Online betting without limits. The most positive thing for modern online bettors is that they can place wagers at any time in any place where there is WiFi access. Besides, using the mobile phone application, you can try out free sports betting picks on the go: in the subway, on the way home, or to work.
  2. Excellent chances for betting analysis. At home, it is much easier to discover valuable positions in current action lines and make high-quality predictions. Usually, the most attractive offers come with additional rates. To discover them, it’s better to use a convenient filter, which can be found on many bookie websites.
  3. Live sports betting option. There is no need to say once again how much more convenient it is to place wagers during a tournament via PC or mobile gadget. Keep in mind that live bets are profitable only when a player has chosen the correct moment with profitable positions.
  4. ARB Betting. Many experienced bettors use arb strategies. Naturally, it will not be possible to put in three land-based offices at the same time. The lifetime of the ARB is counted in minutes. Even if the cash desks of various offices are located very close to each other, it will not be possible to make a bet. This is proven by practice. That is why virtual betting brings you additional benefits.

The Best Mobile Betting Application

Virtual betting platforms like websites and applications help you place bets and earn money from them. These days, you can find free and paid bookie apps. Our experts have compiled a list of useful sports betting apps that you can install on your mobile for free and place bets on top sports events in the summer of 2023.

Betting app



●      The app is optimized for popular screen resolutions;

●      Modest system requirements;

●      Many sporting disciplines for betting;

●      User-friendly withdrawal and deposit interface.


●      Established international casino sports betting site;

●      Loads of live streaming options;

●      An excellent bet builder.


●      Recognizable betting brand;

●      Various promos and sweepstakes;

●      High sports betting odds;

●      Wide pick of betting markets;

●      Advanced broadcasts.

William Hill

●      Mobile app for Android & iOS devices;

●      Watch thousands of live sports events;

●      Grab an early payout with Cash-In function;

●      Exclusive Bet Boosts on horse racing events.


●      Huge selection of live broadcasts;

●      Cashing out and partial cashing out options;

●      Daily price increases.

It is clear why these applications have reached such heights of success in the virtual betting market. All these brands have been working for a while and keep up with the times. That's why all these programs have so many app subscribers.

As a user of this sports betting stocks application, you can count on high-quality and easy time betting on your favorite events. In addition, these impressive platforms have such attractive and unique features that you can take advantage of as a sports betting player. In general, we would recommend these mobile apps for your daily sports betting.

Bonuses For Profitable Bets

Modern online bookmakers are known for giving out plenty of bonuses for betting. Registering with a bookie usually brings you a lucrative welcome bonus. Many bookmakers are trying to tempt you as a bettor to choose them as a bookmaker available in the sports betting states.

But even if you have been placing wagers with an online bookmaker for some time, in many cases you can learn how to play for cash or place bets without risk.

Here are the main types of offers provided by leading bookmakers in 2023:

  1. Welcome promos. The first type of offer is a welcome bonus that you will get when you first register on the legal sports betting site. This usually entails receiving free bonus money, although some platforms may limit the number of options you can use these bonus funds. Almost every virtual bookmaker will offer some kind of welcome incentive, and you will discover the best ones at the top betting sites.
  2. Loyalty bonuses. Just like other types of companies reward their customers for loyalty with exclusive discounts, online bookies also give out free sports bets. Stay at a reputable platform long enough, and you will usually claim exclusive deals that encourage you to keep betting longer. Some operators go even further on this principle, offering exclusive “VIP” services to regulars.
  3. A reload gift. Another way that bookies use to stimulate their sports betting and casino betting services are reload rewards. As the name implies, these are gifts that you will grab for replenishing your account on the betting site.
  4. The Price Boost reward. This bonus without any sports betting taxes allows players to get increased odds in the sports betting markets. Taking profits from such offers, you can significantly increase your winnings if your wager is fulfilled.
  5. Money Back. Many bookmakers offer attractive free insurance wagers, which are provided in the form of cashback deals.

Registration On The Betting Website

It is pretty easy to register on the platform of any company accepting sports wagers on the Internet. However, some new players get scared when they hear something like "Verify your identity", which is a mandatory procedure before placing the very first bet.

Actually, there is nothing complicated in the sign-up process. And in order for you to cope with everything as quickly as possible, here is a detailed guide on how to sign up to online sports betting sites.

The first step of any registration begins with entering the official website. After that, you will need to do simple things:

  • Create an account on the betting portal;
  • Pass the verification procedure.

With the creation of an account on the bookmaker website, difficulties are unlikely to arise. After all, you only need to fill out a simple questionnaire, read sports betting terms, and specify personal information in it. Usually, the bookmaker asks for:

  1. Full name;
  2. Date of birth;
  3. Mobile phone number;
  4. Email address.

Besides, when registering to place a sports bet today, you should accept the company's rules, as well as confirm that you are an adult. After completing these steps, the link in the email will be sent to the specified email address, and clicking on it will be the final step of the registration process with a bookmaker.

The Best Choice For Online Sports Betting 2023

If you are new to online betting and do not know which site to choose for your successful start, we have collected for you the best platforms in 2023. These websites are excellent options, especially for beginners. Choose these apps for sports betting from the list below and let luck take your side!

Betting site 2023


Payment tools


●      It has been operating since 1994;

●      Wide choice of betting markets;

●      Android and iOS Apps.

  1. Neteller;
  2. Skrill;
  3. Master Card;
  4. Visa;
  5. Webmoney, etc.


●      Live online chat;

●      Mobile-friendly website;

●      24/7 support;

●      Wide choice of payment services.

  1. Skrill;
  2. Mastercard;
  3. Visa;
  4. Qiwi, etc.


●      Android and iOS mobile sports betting app;

●      Lucrative betting bonuses;

●      A website that is convenient for mobile devices;

●      An excellent pick of casino games;

●      Live chat option.

  1. Neteller;
  2. Perfect Money;
  3. Mastercard;
  4. Visa;
  5. Skrill;
  6. Webmoney, etc.


●      Mobile-friendly site and app;

●      Live chat option;

●      24/7 customer support;

●      Impressive choice of payment tools.

  1. Skrill;
  2. Perfect Money;
  3. Mastercard;
  4. Visa;
  5. Qiwi, etc.


●      Mobile-friendly website and app;

●      Plenty of sporting bet options;

●      Live Casino options;

●      Huge choice of languages, currencies, and payment methods.

  1. Neteller;
  2. Sticpay;
  3. Mastercard;
  4. Fast Pay;
  5. Visa;
  6. Webmoney, etc.


●      Well-done layout;

●      24/7 customer support;

●      Live Casino options;

●      Supports cryptocurrency.

  1. Sticpay;
  2. Mastercard;
  3. Fast Pay;
  4. Bitcoin;
  5. ecoPayz, etc.

●      Convenient mobile app;

●      Many sports betting lines;

●      High betting odds;

●      Prompt support service.

  1. Neteller;
  2. Sticpay;
  3. Mastercard;
  4. Fast Pay;
  5. Visa;
  6. Webmoney, etc.

Pin Up

●      Well-done interface with sports betting calculator;

●      24/7 customer support;

●      Live betting options;

●      Supports cryptocurrency.

  1. ecoPayz;
  2. Sticpay;
  3. Bitcoin;
  4. Visa;
  5. Skrill;
  6. Webmoney, etc.

Choosing A Sports Betting Site For Players Of Different Levels

If you decide to engage in online betting, you need to do three things:

  • Pick the best sport betting sites;
  • Decide on the sport that your bets will go to;
  • Come up with a betting strategy to earn more than you lose.

So, novice users should decide on sports - this is very important. Betting experts say that there is no universal sports betting rule that allows you to increase the percentage of winning wagers only due to the fact of its existence. The best sport for any user is the one they like, where they understand the specifics and nuances best.

At the same time, you can not choose 5-6 sports disciplines at once. It is better to limit yourself to 1, 2, or a maximum of three types. This is done with one purpose: almost every sport has a break for a certain time. For example, in football, the so-called betting holidays come in late spring and early summer. At this time, many experienced players switch to tennis and start betting on its tournaments.

But the most important thing is to choose the best betting site with a sports bet calculator that matches your level. For example, if you are a beginner, you should choose more understandable and transparent platforms, where not so many lines are presented but which have a convenient interface and explanatory sections for bettors.

Sports Betting For Beginners

Online betting newbies should start their sports prediction practice by understanding the betting specifics. Besides, it would be useful for new players to listen to the advice of professional bettors from the sports betting forum. As a rule, online betting experts recommend these sports betting tips:

  1. Make sports wagers on exciting events. The best sport for betting is a discipline that brings you pleasure and joy. For positive betting, you will have to spend a lot of time studying where sports betting is legal, current statistics, lineups, tournament motivation, and so on. Football that causes impressive emotions is one thing, but what if it's boring badminton?
  2. Limit the number of matches. Success will come faster if you do not grab the entire football or baseball line but take several events. It is much easier to predict the correct outcome of a match in a tournament, which the bettor constantly monitors: reads the freshest news about sports spread betting, learns the strengths and weaknesses of the team, and understands the importance of winning points in a certain round.
  3. Use strategies when placing wagers. There is nothing to do in betting without effective strategies, and this applies to both gaming and financial methods. It is recommended to initially try your hand at a demo mode first and only then increase the virtual gaming bank several times to switch to betting on real cash.
  4. Decide on sports betting sites. There are lots of online bookies these days, but not all are suitable for beginners. Somewhere you will encounter a complicated interface, another platform may come with low coefficients for the events, and somewhere the bookie limits the size of the wager.
  5. Don't forget to enjoy your life without online betting. You should not go head over heels into betting, forgetting about family, friends, or hobbies.

And remember, the shortest way is a familiar path. The same goes for wagering: the best sports for betting will be the one in which the player feels like a fish in water.

Game for Intermediate Users

If you have already tried to place a sport bet and even earned some dividends from it, perhaps your level has reached the one in intermediate betting. What does it mean? This means that now you can get more benefits by playing on online bookies, using an exclusive methodology. Intermediate players use proven strategies in sports betting, and this is their main difference from novice players.

So, we offer you some sports betting tips that will help you feel more confident at a new betting level:

  1. The key point of any successful betting strategy is the player's superiority over the line. The amount of the wager should not be based on the amount of winnings or losses of previous bets.
  2. How does sports betting work? Each intermediate user must know that as well as their advantage over the line for each specific bet.
  3. Only sports wagers based on a detailed analysis can bring you profits.
  4. Saved money is also profit: it is important not only how much is won but also how much is not lost.
  5. Carefully select matches in the best sports betting apps. You are as good as you are able to allocate sports events for profitable bets.
  6. In team sports, outcomes are not the best option for betting.
  7. Luck in betting is nothing more than the result of your painstaking work in the long run.
  8. Failed money management has produced far more bankrupts than losing bets.

Betting For Experienced Players

Earning a stable profit is the main purpose of every bettor. Various strategies and algorithms have been developed to achieve this goal. You will find some practical tips for experienced bettors below:

  • Line movement. Having the best sport betting app isn’t enough. Experienced players study the dynamics of quotes before placing each bet. This allows them to find inflated coefficients — value outcomes.
  • XG prediction. In football, there is an xG indicator. This is a special model of expected goals. Each kick is assigned a coefficient reflecting the level of its proximity to the scored ball. And so, the outcome is something like an alternative account. If we take this indicator as the bottom of the analysis, we will find teams that scored more or fewer goals than they should.
  • Ahead playing tactics. Thousands of modern sports tournaments are available in any sport betting app in real-time. Scouts are usually present at the top-rated matches, where live video broadcasts are held. If you watch the game in live mode, you may have time to place a wager before the quotes change.
  • Betting arb strategy. The only way to get a guaranteed profit from betting for professionals is to bet using ARB tactics. This term means double bets (shoulders) on opposite outcomes with such coefficients that guarantee a plus regardless of the outcome.

New Online Betting Sites

Do you want to try your luck on the latest betting platforms? If so, you are right on the spot. Here we have collected for you a selection of the best online sports betting sites that entered the market just a couple of months ago. Meet debutants who not only give their visitors excellent betting options but also offer great bonuses to all new customers.

Betting site



This is one of the most respected new betting sites in 2023. It offers players a variety of betting options. A lot of betting opportunities and a 50% bonus of up to 500 US$.

Sports Betting

One of the top-rated websites to bet on sports that are known for providing the highest odds on various sports that gamblers can think of.

My Bookie

Despite its young age, this bookie manages to gain traction and attract crowds of players by offering tempting bonuses.

Bet Online

The best crypto sports betting site where users get a chance to bet on all their favorite sports. It also has its own virtual casino and is known as the best football betting website. Don't forget that Bet Online also offers its players a 50% bonus of up to 1,000 US$.

Bet Now

New players join the site and claim two bonus offers. They can enter a promo code for the bonus they want to receive when they make their first cash deposit.

List Of Licensed Sportsbooks

Which sports betting platforms should modern players choose? First of all, always pay attention to a valid, current license of the bookmaker. This information is usually found on the official page of the platform, in the general info section. The most popular licenses today are the permits from the commissions of the UK, Malta, and Curacao.

Below, there is a list of legal online sports betting sites that will be available to you in 2023. Choose any website from the bookies presented in the table, and you can be sure of their reliability and high profitability.





New Jersey Casino Control Commission

●      Daily odds boosts;

●      Website comes with impressive graphics and it is easy to use;

●      Many betting markets;

●      Lots of payment options.


iGaming Ontario license

●      Plenty of sports lines;

●      The best sports betting app;

●      Growing gambling platform;

●      Sleek website and mobile version;

●      Daily odds boosts and other impressive promos.


The platform is licensed by the US gambling authorities

●      Wide range of betting options;

●      Top-notch customer service;

●      High withdrawal profit.


The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement

●      Plenty of advanced betting options;

●      Daily odds boost;

●      Impressive live betting section.


The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement

●      Excellent banking options;

●      Access to fantasy sports betting lines;

●      High payouts.

Blacklist Of Betting Sites

There are some sportsbooks that may be on our blacklist for a number of reasons. Not every online betting site can provide you with safe services and professionalism that you certainly deserve. And so, we have compiled a list of all virtual bookies up to date that we advise you to avoid:

  1. Betvictor. The online bookmaker offers only two withdrawal options for football, tennis, horse racing, and basketball sports lines. Moreover, this bookie does not offer live chat support to its customers.
  2. Paddy Power. The interface of this site has been in need of a design update for a long time. Also, the bookmaker offers users a very limited number of payment options. In addition, the live broadcast parameters can be improved on this site.
  3. Yo Bet It. This platform does not have live broadcast services. Besides, you won't be able to get support via live chat here. Also, many users complain about this bookmaker because the withdrawal of funds sometimes occurs with delays.
  4. Nairabet. This site was blacklisted because, firstly, it is only available in Nigeria. Secondly, there are very few bonuses here. And also, the design of the platform is made in a primitive style.

Review Of The Best Sports Bets Today

Registering at the best sports betting app, every beginner wants to win a lot at once. But it is not so easy to achieve right away. The reasons may be hidden in various factors: ignorance of deadlines and the real situation in the team, incorrect allocation of funds, etc. Our experts have reviewed all types of sports betting and bring you tips on how to choose the best sports wagers to have fun and earn cash.

Modern bookmakers come with a wide action line and so, you have a chance to bet on various sports: football, cricket, basketball, hockey, tennis, etc. The most popular and profitable sports bets are:

  • The outcome of the tournament. You bet on a victory of the first player (a team), a draw, or a victory of the second athlete (a team).
  • Double chance. Here, you bet on there will be no draw, or the 1st/2nd team will not lose.
  • These sport bets are about one of the teams getting a conditional advantage in a match of one or more points.
  • The number of goals and corners, shots on goal in the mast.
  • The Asian handicap. This is a conditional fractional handicap (for example, 0.25 or 1.25).
  • The outcome. You bet on a victory, a double chance, the number of goals, a handicap, etc.
  • The winner of the tournament. Here the sports bet is placed in advance at the beginning or in the middle of any championship.

Sports Betting FAQ

What are the best betting websites in general?

The best betting platforms, according to worldwide standards, are a special group of bookies operating under a complex set of criteria. These platforms with a sports betting odds calculator provide their customers with various features such as betting and withdrawals in real-time, as well as excellent bonus deals, etc.

Is virtual sports betting reliable?

It is easy to see that the leading bookies in the industry care about the safety of their bettors. For this, as we can discover, advanced encryption algorithms are used. It is recommended to use safe payment tools. And the consumer protection policy is designed to protect the essential interests of users.

Are there any welcome promotions that I can get from online bookmakers?

Bonuses for the best bets are valid upon registration; all new players are invited to make either a free bet or matched promotions. In both cases, the bettor must first make a deposit. You will be asked to make a wager to claim a free bet first.

What payout rates can I discover on sports betting websites?

In the best sports betting app, the payout level is such that users get a good return on their bets. On average, the devaluation of odds is about 5%; that is, players receive about 95% of fair coefficients. In a word, the gamblers who place bets receive 95% of the profit.

What are the most popular sports I can bet on with online bookies 2023?

The diversity of sports markets is not easy to measure. Although, talking about the most popular sports markets is a completely different matter. If a professional player had been asked such a question, he would have called soccer, European football, horse racing, basketball, tennis, and cricket.

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