Terms and Conditions

Published: 26-7-2022


The Site (hereinafter referred to as the "Website Administration", "Website", and "We") is a set of virtual services available on the Internet in real-time mode, including data and information services provided by the Website Management, the Website‘s mobile version and such variations of other products, as well as third-party data and services available through the Site.

The Terms are a set of rules that govern your usage of the Website. A "Website User" is a person who visits the Site.

Users of the Website certify that they are at least 18 years old and have the legal authority to enter into contracts and make decisions regarding the placement of advertising on gaming and gambling sites. Users of the Website claim that their current location is always accurate, and that they do not use any methods to change the location or redirect traffic to other jurisdictions.

Users of the Website are responsible for determining the legality of online gambling in their region and, if necessary, checking other legal prerequisites.

Visitors of the Website are bound by these Terms. The User is obliged to read these Terms in full. Your usage of the Site represents your agreement and obligation to comply with all provisions of these Terms.

The Administration has the right to change these Terms in whole or in part at any time. The new version of the Terms comes into force from the date of its publication.

These T&Cs are available to the public and are an open document. The User accepts these Terms and the rights and obligations set forth below in connection with the use and operation of the Site.

Acceptance of these Terms implies that the User consents to the display of commercial materials on the Website, which is controlled by the Website administration.


The Site is an independent source of information and advice for people interested in playing games at online casinos and is not an online gambling provider. All materials on the Site are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.

Other websites may be linked to the Site. The content of other websites does not affect the content of the Site, and we are not responsible for it. We advise you to read all terms of use before engaging in any gaming activity on external websites.

The Site allows visitors to get access to content with trademarks, copyrighted materials, and other legally protected items such as text, photo images, videos, graphic elements, music, and sound recordings.

This part of the Terms protects the Administration of the Site and third parties who own the rights to the content of the Site. In addition, all copyright holders are free to exercise any of the rights set forth herein at their sole discretion.

Users of the Site are not allowed to edit, publish, distribute to third parties, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivative works, or otherwise use the materials of the Website.

This means that you cannot copy, distribute, or transfer to third parties any materials for commercial purposes without the permission of the Administration or other legal owner of copyright and related rights.


In case of discovery on the Site of information (content) posted without the permission of the Copyright Holder or not on other valid legal grounds, to report a violation of their intellectual property rights, the owner of exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity can contact the management of the Site.

The copyright holder should use the response form to get in touch with the Site Administration.

A claim notifying the Administration of copyright infringement on the result of intellectual work must be substantiated and also contain additional evidence indicating the person’s legal right to these materials.

Notice of violation of the exclusive right to the result of intellectual activity can be submitted by a person authorized by the copyright holder, with a copy of this permit document attached in writing or electronic form.

If there is an absence of information, errors, or inaccuracies in the notice of copyright infringement, the Administrator has the right to send a revised notice to the copyright holder/authorized representative within 24 hours to correct the inaccuracies.

The Site Administration is obliged to immediately remove any material that violates the exclusive rights to a work of intellectual property, after receiving a notification from the Copyright Holder/his authorized representative about the discovery of such a violation.


We make no representations, warranties, or conditions, whether express, implied, statutory, or otherwise, with respect to this Website, its content, and services. Visitors are responsible for the use of the content and services of the Site.

The Website expressly disclaims any endorsements, warranties, representations, and conditions, express or implied, in connection with any content and services posted on the Website at any time, with any implied warranties, representations, fitness for a particular purpose, warranties, and conditions, merchantability, non-infringement of intellectual property rights, timeliness, accuracy, adequacy, conformity, completeness, compatibility, security, confidentiality, clarity of title, freedom of use, quality and any other warranties that may occur under any applicable law.

The Site’s management team also disclaims all warranties, representations, and conditions that may be considered related to such matters:

No matter how often you visit our Website, the content and services available to you on it will be free from any interruptions or errors;

The user's expectations and requirements will be met; the content and services of the Website will work without errors or failures;

The user's interaction with the Website, including any information obtained from its content and services, will be effective or reliable;

The Administration will immediately correct any errors or defects in the Site, its content and services;

Visitors from any region can use the Website, its content and services;

The Website, its content and services are free of viruses; they do not contain similarly destructive or malicious software;

The user's hardware and software are compatible with the Website, its content, and services;

You will always have access to the entire website, its content and services;

The Website’s team will continue to maintain a particular service or feature of the Site and its content.

Unless there are any disclaimers or exclusions, all implied and statutory representations, warranties, and indemnification terms are limited to thirty (30) days from the date of the visitor's first use of the Website, its content and services, and there are no warranties that apply after this period.

The User may never opt out of these terms as long as the contents of the Website and its services allow him or her to receive digital materials not available in any other way.


The User acknowledges that he or she is fully aware and accepts, without reservation, all risks and liabilities associated with the Website's usage.

The Website’s operator, management, employees, shareholders, partners, and agents are not responsible for any mistakes or downtime of the Site resulting in business information, profits, or any other financial loss as a consequence of a claim, request, damage, demand, or other occurrence related to the application of these Terms and its jurisdiction, including those that can be considered the result of visiting our Site, access to any file or part thereof, usage of the Website, or any rights arising from it, even if the Site Management is aware of such risks and potential losses, regardless of whether such an event or failure is the result of an infringement of intellectual property or otherwise, it is based on some kind of error, negligence, breach of contract or similar incident or situation.

The total liability and compensation for damages incurred as a result of use, in whole or in part, of the Website or its materials should not exceed ten euros (€10.00) in monetary terms.

You agree that these Terms must be governed only by English laws when you use our Website.

The validity, meaning, and performance of these Terms, as well as any legal ties that may arise from the performance or non-performance of these Terms, are governed by the laws of England (without regard to its conflict of law provisions). Any legal actions, disputes, or procedures connected with the validity, interpretation, and execution of these Terms, as well as any other legal issues related to them must be handled exclusively in the courts of England. All parties agree that such courts have jurisdiction over them and waive any objections to the jurisdiction's legality or propriety. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (Vienna Convention of 1980) has no bearing on these Terms, and they are unaffected in any manner by it.

The English version of these Terms shall take precedence in the event of a conflict between the English and non-English versions.

If such a function is available on the Website, the User agrees and is aware that all necessary notifications will be sent to the e-mail address specified by them when signing up on the Site.

The User waives any rights he or she may have in connection with or as a result of any court or jury proceeding.

The User acknowledges that he or she does not have the right to bring a class action against the Administration related to the Site's operation, these Terms’ provisions, or any other agreement established on the Site.

If the Website must go to court other than arbitration to enforce any payment owed to it or to protect its rights, the User is responsible for reimbursing the Website for all costs, expenses, and fees if the Site wins in court.


Along with getting acquainted with the provisions of these Conditions, the User understands and agrees that he or she is familiar with the Terms of Use and other documents connected to these Terms and agrees to accept their conditions.

The Site Administration's inability to take organizational measures or maintain strict compliance with the terms of these Conditions or related agreements should not be considered or interpreted as a waiver of any right or provision.

The User may not transfer the rights and responsibilities set out in these Terms to a third party, in whole or in part.

The Administration has the right to restrict and/or prohibit the User's access to the Site at any time, based only on its own rules.