Best Online Casinos Guide 2023

Gambling smart means knowing where to deposit to accumulate rewards and bonuses and, as a consequence, collect as many casino winnings as possible. Fortunately, English speakign players can base their selection not on random picking but on expert ratings. The best online casinos for 2023 are recommended according to their quality and also security. Some of the reliable casinos offer bonus codes that the player must know upon deposit, while others have special conditions for short-term opportunities. Those special details are summarized on the complete casino reviews and highlighted if necessary. Thus, choosing a trusted and top-rated casino website becomes an easy task. Among the parameters that usually indicate an opportunity, there are huge welcome bonus offers, recurrent free spins, a gambling app, and fast payment methods. They are reviewed in combination with signs of adaptation to players - such as accepting the USD or EUR, offering English as default language, among others. That is all a player needs to choose an online casino effectively.

Play Online Casino And Win Real Money In 2023

Online casinos are a serious part of gambling business, which is currently one of the most quickly-developed industries. It's hard to keep track of the exact number of online gambling resources nowadays, as new ones appear literally every month. On the one hand, such a variety of online casinos is an advantage since you have a huge selection. But on the other hand, there are a large number of low-quality platforms or simply scammers who are geared to steal your personal and financial information. This is especially important for beginners who have little experience.

That is why the main purpose of this review is to describe exclusively reputable online casinos that offer a fair and clear game process without hidden fees, etc. In addition, you can find out about portals that provide the largest selection of bonuses, promotions, interesting affiliate programs for passive income, and more.

The development of the modern gambling business is closely related to cryptocurrency. Most up-to-date online casinos provide the opportunity to deposit or withdraw funds in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and so on. At the same time, many casinos that opened in 2023 work exclusively with cryptocurrency and do not support fiat money. This is important to remember when choosing a particular casino.

In addition, after reading this review, you can get an idea about the most popular online casino games for real money (including card entertainment and slots) that are available for playing in desktop and mobile versions of the casino. Players can get an insight into how to make the best use of the bonuses provided and withdraw funds safely. Scroll down to learn more on this topic.

List Of TOP Real Online Casinos For Players

Taking into account the fast development of the online casino business, various rating resources regularly create a recommended list of top-notch sites. At the time of writing, you can check the following gambling sites, which are taken as one of the best ones.

  1. BetMGM

This real money online casino is one of the best picks for those who decide to play card and classic table games. Though it has a lot of slots to offer, gamblers prefer to try their luck on different roulette, blackjack, or poker variations. The platform operates under the valid license issued by West Virginia Sports Wagering Association. It offers various payment methods without hidden fees and lucrative bonuses you can claim.

Also, you can join an affiliate program to become a casino partner and get additional income for invited users. As with most of the up-to-date gambling sites, here, you can place deposits and withdraw funds in cryptocurrency as well as fiat money using e-wallets, direct transfers, cash, etc.

  1. Caesar Casino

This is a relatively new online casino that does not have the same extensive number of slots or casino games. Their total number does not exceed 150. At the same time, all of them are of a high-quality level and created by the top software casino providers. Among them are Yggdrasil, Betsoft, Pragmatic, etc. All newcomers can take advantage of the lucrative sign-up bonuses that allow them to get up to 2,000 USD on their first deposit. Also, you can take advantage of low wagering requirements. To withdraw funds you won on casino online games you should stick to wagering requirements. As for slots, you should win back funds at least eight times. As for poker, you should wager money x8. All other games come with the x20 wagering requirements.

  1. Fanduel Casino

If you want a guaranteed bunch of various entertainments, you should pick this option. At the time of writing, you can launch the casino’s website and find hundreds of regular and progressive jackpots slots, various casino games, and instant entertainment. The “Promotions” section of the site is regularly refreshed, and team experts add new rewards.

At the time of writing, this casino online offers a significant welcome bonus that allows you to get 100% on your losses (up to 1,000$). This reward is active during the first 24 hours after registration. Also, you can pick various daily rewards and get up to 100$ on the active user you invited. The portal has a reliable customer support service that is ready to help you 24/7 via email, live chat, or phone call.

Play At Trusted Online Casinos

When you select a gambling platform, it is crucial to pick a legal and authoritative portal. There are a couple of ways you can check it.

  • learn game experience from other casino users on independent review sites;
  • check the info about licenses and regulators directly on the online casino website (as a rule, you can find this info in the site’s footer or in the “Terms of Use”);
  • contact the customer support service and ask figure it out directly with team experts.

Below, you check the top 3 legit online gambling platforms with a wide audience and a lot of casino entertainment.

Wild Casino

This platform is not a newbie in the gambling market and has already created a huge audience of clients. It provides a high level of privacy and security data protection. As a result, you can count that your personal information will not be hacked or leaked.

This real money online casino uses SSL protocols and advanced encryption in order to protect information about your e-wallet, card, addresses, etc. If you go to the site’s footer, you can check the certification (Panama Gambling License) and get info about the Wild Casino owner.

Bet Online

The current gambling and betting portal operates legally and has a certificate issued by The Republic of Panama Ministry of Economy and Finance. All online casino users can count on fair play and adequate transaction fees. The platform is regularly checked by independent licensees (for example, eCORGA), which test its random number generator, RTP levels, etc. More information about the Bet Online owner and licensees you can find in the appropriate “Term of Use” section of the online casino site.

El Royal Casino

The platform is one of the best representatives in the gambling market. It has a certificate from the Curacao eGaming Commission and is owned by Infinity Media Group LTD. The platform is regularly tested by various licensees, including the Central Disputes System.

As a result, you can count on fair play, no hidden taxes, and reliable payment getaways. You can сount on fair play, no hidden taxes, and reliable payment getaways. You can learn more about the casino on independent review sites.

The Best Casino Games Online

Currently, every online casino provides gamblers with at least several hundred slots and about a couple of dozens of table and instant games. Sometimes it may be difficult to pick the best casino game online, and it always depends on the game type or theme you are interested in.

When you do not have enough experience playing many games by different software providers, it is hard to get a big idea about the mechanics, RTP level, rules, etc. The tips below may simplify this process.

  1. Decide about your recent game experience and skills. It is important since some casino games require special skills, like poker or blackjack. Here, you should know how to use strategies, how to decide the right moment to quit the game round, etc. If you join such an online casino gambling and place a real money deposit, there is a high probability that you will lose much.

The only exception is if the platform supports demo versions or free bets, so you do not risk your funds. On the contrary, you can try instant games, roulette, dice, etc. All of these entertainments require only luck from you. As for slots, there is a lot of real money as well as free variants as well. For example, you can activate a demo version and then place a real deposit on the same game.

  1. Always select the gambling casino online with the license and appropriate certificates. The fact is the game may be created by the top provider, but the platform is not legitimate.
  2. Try to find a description of the game and learn the game experience of other players. If you do it on independent resources, you can always ream real pros and cons, pitfalls, etc.

Types Of Popular Online Casino Games

In the sections below, you can check the most popular type of games you can find on all online gambling sites from Canada and other world. Together with the sportsbook section, they form the main game potential of any online casinos.

Play Live Online Slots

Slot machines are the most popular game type in any online casino. The principle lies in the fact that you start the spin of the reels with special symbols. There is a lot of variation in reel styling these days. After the end of the spin round, the system forms a certain combination which is determined by the random number generator.

The principle is the following: you need to bet on each spin until the necessary combination of symbols is collected. In other words, symbols create a payline. Up-to-date slot games have a wide variety of options with different amounts and combinations of paylines and reels.

The most important element in the operation of online casino slots for real money is the random number generator. It is also the main object of careful study by the companies that are engaged in checking and licensing online casino platforms. In fact, this is a computer program capable of processing up to a thousand combinations per second.

When choosing a slot game, you need to pay attention to its RTP. This indicator reflects the measure of return expressed as a percentage. If you do research, you can find slots only with an RTP level less than 100% (often 95% and higher). This difference in percentages is the source of income for the online casino. It is also called a "house edge."

Also, pay attention to volatility. As a rule, the lower the volatility, the more often you win. At the same time, the winning amount is always small. And vice versa - the higher the volatility, the more significant sum you can get. However, getting a chance at such a prize is quite rare.

Modern slots support additional features:

  • bonus game rounds;
  • wild symbols;
  • scatters;
  • free spins, and more.

Their main aim is to boost the game experience, keep regular clients engaged and attract newcomers.

Popular Blackjack To Play

Together with online casino slots, this is a popular card game you can also find on any online gambling platform. As a rule, the casino offers to play with the system itself or try our luck by playing with a live dealer. The second option is a nice pick for those who want to plunge into the atmosphere of the land-based casino. Another reason for blackjack's popularity is that it is quite easy to play. You can learn basic rules within an hour and switch to a real money game.

The main principles of online blackjack are the same on all platforms, and they are the following.

  1. Place a bet from the minimum required to the all-in.
  2. Now, you get two cards from the casino online dealer.
  3. At this step, you should decide if you want to double your bet.
  4. Make a decision if you want to hit. Keep in mind that if the combination of cards exceeds 21, you automatically lose.
  5. If you are sure, you can click to stand and play on your hand.
  6. Now, the dealer shows their hand.
  7. This is the final step when you check if the value of your card is greater or lower than the dealer’s one.

If you decide to play for real money, you should learn some basic strategies. Using them, you can always know when it's better to keep playing, stand, or quit the online casino blackjack game.

Roulette For Real Prizes

Roulette is another widely-used casino entertainment you can find on all platforms. The only difference is that various casinos support different roulette types. At the time of writing, you may face two of the most widespread types:

  • American roulette;
  • European roulette.

The essence of the game is the following: you should predict where the spinning ball will land. You can bet on the color of the sector (black or red) or a certain number. Also, there is a bet when you predict the type of the number: even or odd. Online casino roulette is a very dynamic game when the average game round lasts less than a minute.

Online Craps In The Casino

This type of table game has a long history starting from the street craps. Now, you can find it in any online casino. The rules and principles of the game are practically the same on various online casinos, so you can easily switch between platforms to try your luck. Unlike land-based venues, where you roll real dice, in the online version, the system uses a random number generator. With its help, you get combinations that affect the final outcome of the game round.

On most real money online casino platforms, you can not find dice games for playing with a live dealer. Many players are looking for platforms where they can play this game with real croupiers. Unfortunately, they are not as widely available at online casinos as compared to other live dealer games.

This mainly depends on the difficulty of rolling without a “shooting dice.” If you still found a platform with live games, then most likely, you play one of the products by well-known software developer Vivo Gaming. Recently, it has implemented the idea of live streaming of dice games with live dealers.

At present, you may find the following types of dice games on online casinos.

  1. Casino craps. The second name of the game is Bank Craps. In it, you are not playing with other gamblers but with the casino.
  2. Die Rich Craps. Unlike most other variants, only one die is used here. In order to win, you need to get 6. If 1 drops out, you lose.
  3. Simplified craps. This variant is great for beginners as players only have three betting options: on dice, on the natural number, or on the pass line.
  4. High point. In this case, you automatically win if you get the outcome of 11 or 12. If you get 2 or 3, then your bet is canceled.
  5. New York Craps. This variant of craps game is available on many American online casinos for real money. Here, you have several options: pass and remove pass. You can also place a bet and add a 5% commission.
  6. High Point Craps. Here, if you get 11 or 12 as an outcome, you win automatically. If you have 2 or 3, then your bet loses.

Play Live Poker At An Online Casino

Poker is a popular game you may try in any modern online casino. The meaning of the game is to get a card combination that is stronger than your opponents or dealer. Another way to win is to force opponents to quit the game. At the time of writing, you can try various types of online poker, namely Texas Hold’em, Five-Card Poker, Seven-Card Poker, Omaha, Razz, Chinese Poker, etc.

Unlike the above-mentioned casino games, poker requires great skills and experience if you are going to play for real money. That is why you should use an online gaming casino with demo versions or use bonuses that allow you to join the free game to hone your strategy.

There are several general tips you can use.

  • learn peculiarities of the specific poker type you are going to play;
  • get a clear understanding of the position at the table to know when it is better to fold;
  • it is better to focus on one-table playing instead of joining multiple-hands games;
  • get an insight about your virtual opponents (number of hands, what type of game they stick to, which card they show, etc.);
  • do not count on bluff and semi-bluff - play casino online cleverly and rely on our strategy only.

Another thing a lot of gamblers negotiate is the monitoring of their own success. Try to keep a log of your winnings/losses and the way you behave before them.

Online Baccarat For Players

This is a card comparing game that has relatively recently become popular on online casino sites. At the start of the game, the Banker deals the cards face up. Each player receives two cards. In order to win, you need to collect a combination of close to nine.

If you bet on the player's hand, and it is closest to nine, then the final winning amount is doubled compared to the initial bet. If you decide to bet on the dealer's hand and they win, you get 95% of your bet.

If you are dealt more than nine cards during the game at a live casino online, then your task is to combine two of them and discard (one or two). There are a lot of strategies you can try in order to become successful in playing baccarat. Below, you can check the most popular ones.

  1. Play quickly. It is better not to delay the game. As a result, you will be better able to track and control your losses. Especially if you have already lost some money, you often want to go all-in and activate a progressive betting strategy. This strategy is a must-have for all baccarat newbies.
  2. The 1-3-2-4 strategy. This option implies progressive bets and is suitable for those who already have experience in playing baccarat in an online casino for real money. The numbers in this strategy indicate the amount of bets that you should place in case of winning. For example, you can start with a bet of one dollar. Next comes three and two dollars. You can end the game round with a bet of $1. If you lose, you make a $1 bet again.

Win Real Money With Online Bingo

This game and Keno (that will be described below) are popular lottery-type entertainments. You do not need to be a highly-skillful player who knows a lot of strategies to join these games.

As in the case of land-based bingo, you need to purchase a ticket and select numbers which are randomly generated by the casino system. In the case of online casinos, this happens much faster and automatically. Depending on the bingo type, you should mark different numbers of ciphers.

The final win in the game directly depends on your approach. For example, you can try filling out the entire ticket or just one line. Also, many types of bingo games support the option of winning when you fill in the numbers according to a certain pattern.

In this case, you may not get the final jackpot, but you receive bonus money. This significantly expands your gaming capabilities and qualitatively distinguishes online bingo from the land-based variant.

Depending on the type of interaction between the system and the player, you can notice the following features.

  1. Autoplay. In this case, the casinos online automatically select your cards according to the order in which they are called. Thus, you do not need to search for the necessary one by yourself.
  2. Sorting the best card. The system sorts your cards in a special order. In this case, the casino system independently selects the card with the highest chance of winning and holds it so that it is all about convenience for you to keep an eye on it.
  3. Selection of the best card. If your card is close to the final win, the system alerts you and highlights it.

Online Keno Lottery

This type of casino games online has a lot in common with the previous one. Check out their main peculiarities to get an insight into this game. First, you need to choose your numbers. Most Keno types support a range of 1 to 20 numbers. There is a direct correlation here: the higher the percentage of numbers you get, the higher the final payout. In general, the Keno grid has 80 numbers.

However, the rules of the game do not allow you to select all of them at once. Now, you need to determine how much you want to bet on the draw. The interface of most Keno games in the newest online casinos has convenient control buttons, special “arrows,” and more for this purpose.

All changes are immediately displayed on the playing field. You also need to select the number of games you want to play. Everything is simple here; for example, you decide to put down two dollars and play four games. In this case, the casino will deduct eight dollars from your account. After the draw ends, you receive a notification about the status of your ticket and how much you have won.

Verified Payout Casinos 2023

A fair payout is the cornerstone of every authoritative and legit casino. Currently, you can find a lot of various online casino sites with interesting tournaments and lucrative bonuses.
But not all of them can provide stable cashout without high transaction percentages or hidden fees. In the table below, you can learn about the top 3 online gambling portals with working and verified payment gateways.



Jackpot Village

The current platform offers a lot of card games and slots with high RTPs, diverse bonus programs, and regular tournaments. To be able to withdraw funds, you should create and verify your account. Then, go to the “Withdraw” section and pick one of the 19 methods. Among them are e-wallets (Neteller, Skrill), bank transfers, ApplePay, Interac, PayPal, and others. All of them are regularly tested by independent testing and standardizing organizations.

Temple Nile

This live online casino cooperates with various software casino providers and offers different ways you can use to withdraw your winnings. At the time of writing, you can use Visa, MasterCard transfers, Trustly, InstaDebit, Sofort, Neteller, and other gateways. The withdrawing/deposit methods are regularly tested by companies like eCORGA and the platform itself has a license from Great Britain Gambling Commission.


This platform offers an extensive game selection: cards, instant games, lottery-type entertainments, and slots with RTPs up you 99.5%. To withdraw funds, you can use proven gateways like bank transfers, PaySafeCard, Wire Transfer, Klarna, etc. A comprehensive list of payment methods you can find in the site’s footer.

Casino Evaluation By Our Experts

While writing this online casino review, we took into account not only the amount of available entertainment for players and the user-friendly interface. An important condition was the availability of verified payment getaways that exclude hidden fees, loss of funds, and so on. This is directly related to the security level the casino offers. This includes SSL certificates and advanced keys to encrypt clients' personal data.

In addition, we paid attention to the way how the team of experts verify clients’ accounts, stick to the KYC principles, and responsible gaming program. To check the data, we used the platforms’ websites directly, explored the game experience of regular players and newcomers, and directly contacted the online casino real money customer support service.

Safe Online Casinos For Today

To be 100% sure that you play on the authoritative gambling site, you should keep an eye on the following points.

  • availability of the casino license;
  • regular gamblers’ experience;
  • bonuses and promotions requirements and conditions;
  • the type of casino software and its version;
  • types of offered payment gateways.

 Given the above-mentioned conditions, here is a short list of the top safe online casinos:

  1. Las Atlantis. The current platform has a license issued by the Curacao Gambling Committee. Together with SSL protocols, it implements 256-bit encryption which is a fairly higher level compared to the 128-bit one that its competitors have. Also, this casino online allows you to explore the latest changes and updates of the system.
  2. Bovada Casino. This gambling portal strictly sticks to the KYC rules and thoroughly checks every new client. The platform offers SSL protocols and does not require accepting all cookies (only essential ones). Together with fiat money, you can use a bunch of cryptocurrency types for depositing and withdrawing. According to statistics, this method is the most secure among all others available. That is why it is of high priority on the platform.
  3. Ducky Luck Casino. This online casino provides gamblers with a lot of tables, card games, and slots from the top software developers. It guarantees not only a high level of graphic and audio effects but also safe gaming. The system is fairly clear and shows winners of tournaments and championships immediately. The same is true towards available transaction fees and wagering requirements, like on most online real money casinos. If you have questions, you can always ask reliable customer support that is ready to open any question.

Casino with a Valid License

Casino license is one of the first things you should pay attention to while choosing a certain gambling platform. As a rule, you can get this info in the site’s footer or in the “Terms of Use” section.

The license is a must-have thing for every legal casino because it allows the portal to do the following:

  • legally purchase digital products from the software casino providers;
  • integrate the casino system with trusted payment gateways to perform deposit and withdrawal operations;
  • expand the audience of a particular online casino real money and boost the trust level.

At the time of writing, there are a lot of regulators which can issue such licenses. The most popular of them are the Curacao eGaming Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, and the Gibraltar Licensing Authority. If a certain provider creates a request, the representatives of the licensee carefully check payment systems, methods of interaction with the client, mechanisms for generating payments, bonus programs, and so on.

Currently, the most famous casinos with licenses from reputable companies are the following:

  • Ignition;
  • Drake Casino;
  • Juicy Vegas.

Licenses may also differ depending on the peculiarities of casino games online for real money. For example, it may be a local, remote, game-specific, or offshore license.

Fast Payouts At Online Casinos

While choosing online gambling platforms, a few potential clients pay attention to the speed of payout transactions. In fact, when you are already a full member and want to withdraw funds, the time of a transaction may become a serious obstacle and cause a negative user experience. Barely do you want to wait for a week to withdraw good money even if you won them on a lucrative bonus program. Below, you can get an insight about three platforms that provide their clients with fast withdrawals.

  1. 7Bit. This online live casino offers a lot of payment gateways you can use to transfer winning on your e-wallet or card. Most payment methods allow you to do it instantly. The only exception is bank card transfers which may take about 24 hours.
  2. mBit Casino. This platform also provides gamblers with fast and quick withdrawals. Along with fiat money, you can cash out funds in crypto in a matter of seconds.
  3. Ignition. The name of the portal speaks for itself. You can use Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, and other gateways to withdraw funds in a matter of minutes. Plus, like on most modern legit online casinos, here you can cash out your winnings in cryptocurrency.

To learn about available time limits, you can go to the platform’s section with the payment methods description. There you can read about each gateway in detail.

Top-Rated Casinos in 2023

If you are looking for a top-notch platform, which offers high-quality games, a lot of payment methods, and versatile bonuses, you should check the following ones.

  1. VulkanVegas. This platform is a relatively new casino representative in the gambling market. Here, you can try your luck in regular and jackpot slots by top software casino providers like Betsoft, NetEnt, Microgaming, Blueprint, etc. The platform is on the list of new casinos online which have more than 60 providers they cooperate with.

The portal offers one of the most lucrative welcome offers if you compare it with its competitors: you can get up to 1,000 EUR plus 125 free spins on your first deposit. The peculiarity of the platform is that the upper limit for the monthly withdrawal amount is dependent on your balance and the lifer-time deposit.

  1. RioBetCasino. This platform comes with a wide audience that consists of gamblers from all over the world. Here, you can pick blackjack, poker, baccarat, dice, and other table entertainments which you can play live or with the casino itself. Here, you can join the affiliate program that gives you a lot of cash bonuses for every invited client. As you go up and get new VIP statuses, you receive cash and play rewards (additional free spins on casino slots online, higher upper limits for withdrawal, etc.).
  2. JetCasino. This online gambling site combines features of the casino and sports betting platform. Here you can find digital products by NoLimit, RedTiger, Evolution, and other top casino software providers. The site’s interface is easy-to-use and multilanguage as well as helpful customer support service. The casino offers a lot of payment options and accepts deposits in fiat money as well as cryptocurrency.

Top 10 Online Casinos To Play Today

Below, you can check the list of top 10 online gambling sites, which provide the best user experience for their clients in terms of games, available payment methods, bonus programs, etc.




The platform offers a lot of online casino games for desktop and mobile versions. Plus, you can enjoy low transaction fees and the ability to use cryptocurrency.


Cooperation with top casino software providers and ability to play live dealer games.


This platform offers arguably the best casino app for Android and iOS users.


The current casino has its own poker platform you can join. Also, there is an extensive selection of bonuses and promo programs.


All registered users of JVSpins can take benefits from unlimited monthly withdrawals.


This is a bitcoin online casino that offers a lot of live dealer games. It allows you to replenish your gaming balance with fiat (debit card or credit card) as well as cryptocurrency.


Unlike its competitors, this platform has unique promotions exclusively for regular users.


This is an online casino PayPal with a lot of internal tournaments you can join and receive valuable cash prizes.


This mobile casino has a good reputation and has operated for a long time in the gambling market.


Unlike many other casinos, this portal has only a few geo-restrictions, which is why unites gamblers from a lot of countries.

Checking New Online Casinos

If you are a beginner, then tracking the gambling market is a fairly difficult task. Given the high level of competition, they can appear on the market literally every day. Therefore, it is better to entrust this task to specialized independent review sites. There you can find various info about how to win real money online casino offers, how to check its license, etc.

If you still decide to explore the new online platform on your own, you need to pay attention to the following parameters.

  • availability of permission for gambling activities from reputable authorities;
  • high-quality, multilingual, and intuitive interface;
  • a sufficient selection of gaming solutions from trusted providers;
  • ability to withdraw funds and make deposits using various payment gateways without hidden fees and in a short period of time;
  • a professional customer support service that is ready to answer any question on technical or financial topics.

Terms And Conditions Of Online Casino Play

Despite the fact that all online casinos for real money have their own peculiarities, a lot of them have some basic terms and conditions which are common.

Below you can learn about several such points.

  1. Using more than one account. This option is strictly forbidden on most gambling platforms. If the casino team experts notice this violation, they can block or event deletes the initial account.
  2. Know Your Customer. All legal casinos stick to the rules of this program. It allows casinos to accept only real persons, who verified their data.
  3. Deposit and withdrawal limits. If you check any new online casino, you can experience a certain amount of funds you can deposit or cash out per day or month. If you exceed this amount, then the casino rejects your request for a transaction.
  4. Reward time limits. After receiving a bonus, you should activate and wager it within a fixed period of time. Otherwise, the platform annulates the reward or promo.
  5. Casinos prohibit hacking the system by any method and gaining access to internal resources, changing the code, and so on. If such a violation is detected, the platform can block your account and even hold you liable according to the laws of the country it is registered in.

Top Online Casino Bonuses

When it comes to casino online real money bonuses, the most lucrative of them are welcome rewards. They are also called “Sign up” promos because you can get them only once during the registration on the platform after placing the minimum required deposit. It is a powerful marketing tool that is aimed at engaging the potential client. Below, you can check three platforms with one of the best welcome offers.

  1. eXtreme. This portal gives an opportunity to receive 1,000% on your first account replenishment up to 5,000 USD. You can use this promo only on NP slots.
  2. MagicRed. It allows you to get 200% on your first deposit (up to 500 EUR). Plus you can get 100 free spins.
  3. RickyCasino. There is another platform with casino online real money rewards. Here, you can get 100% from the casino on your first deposit, but no more than 200 EUR. Plus, you can receive 20 free spins. There is no maximum cashout limit for this reward.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Currently, you can face several types of no deposit bonuses on most inline casinos:

  • Birthday gifts, when you receive additional funds or free spins on the eve of your holiday;
  • rewards for achieving a new level in the VIP programs;
  • referral bonus for inviting active casino users.
  • bonus codes, when you input a certain combination of letters and numbers provided by the partner website.
  • Cashback, when you get back a certain amount of funds you lose during playing online casino games.

Check the top 3 casinos with interesting no-deposit rewards you may try.

  1. Caesar Casino. Here, you can get 20 USD for free and get registered on the platform.
  2. SlotoCash. You can claim the 35% cashback on the deposit you place from Thursday to Sunday.
  3. LuckyRed. Here, you can use the promo code available on the platform to get a 70% unlimited all games reward.

Pros And Cons Of Online Gambling

Online gambling industry as a whole has its own pros and cons. Below, you can check the main advantages and disadvantages of playing in an online gambling casino.

Benefits Of Online Play

  • you can get access to a lot of entertainment without the need of leaving a home;
  • fast and comfortable gaming - you can join when it is suitable for you;
  • ability to use almost any type of device to play at home or on the go;
  • various payment gateways and currency types you can use.
  • safe and protected transactions.

Disadvantages Of Online Games

  • if you play online casino games for a long time, you waste time that you could spend on learning or other useful activities;
  • cyberbullying or scamming (if you pick not legit platforms).

Play Casino On Your Mobile Phone Now

The current situation in the gambling market dictates new rules and conditions. The number of gamblers who use PC and desktops is quickly decreasing. Instead of that, the percentage of those who prefer to play on the go is rising.

This trend forces online gambling platforms to create new and better-optimized software that can give access to the full functionality of any new casino online. The prevailing number of both mobile apps and casino games are created for Android and iOS users. The main reason is that these operating systems are the most widely used.

Top-Rated Android Online Casino Games

  1. Teen Patti Gold. This game is available on the most up-to-date smartphones and tablets with at least Android 4.4 on board. This is a combination of classic slot themes with bright and dynamic visual and audio components. Here, you can use bonus rounds, wild symbols, scatters, and many more.
  2. Coin Dozer. This is a relatively simple entertainment among other online games casino sites can offer. It is available on 7.0+ Android devices. You can use only one button to control the gaming process. The game has multiple levels you can reach to get more coins. Here you can also use “Casino Stacks,” “Chip Stacks,” free spins, and other bonuses like on an average slot machine.
  3. House of Fun. This is another slot-type game available on various online casino win-real-money platforms. You can launch it on smartphones and tablets with Android 4.4. At the time of writing, this game has been downloaded more than 20 million times. It supports mini-games, bonus symbols, free spins, etc.

Best Online Casinos For iPhone

In this case, the situation directly depends on the quality of the certain application for iPhones or iPad. This is important because the only other option is to try casino games via the mobile version of the site, which is fairly the same no matter what device or OS you use.

According to online casino reviews, the best gambling platforms for iOS users are the following:

  • Ruby Fortune;
  • Jackpot City;
  • Spin Casino.

TOP Casinos In The World For Online Games

Below, you can learn more about one of the best up-to-date European and Polish casinos and from the other countries in the gambling market.

  1. Bitstarz. This platform legally operates and has a license (number 8048/JAZ2020-013) issued by Curacao Gambling Committee. Here, you can try hundreds of slot games by top software providers and try your luck playing the card or classic table games. Bitstarz offers various payment methods (online casino real money PayPal, cryptocurrency, and other offers).

Among available rewards, the most lucrative are welcome and exclusive VIP bonuses. Also, you can take advantage of reload bonuses, daily free spins rewards, loyalty programs, etc. Launch casino games via application or in a web browser.

  1. Cafe Casino. This casino also allows you to place bets and withdraw funds in cryptocurrency. The portal cooperates with such leaders in the casino software industry as Rival, Woohoo, Genesis, etc. All newcomers and regular users can find appropriate bonus programs to boost their engagement. A lot of available slots support the demo version, so you can try your luck without the risk of losing money.
  2. IceCasino. The current platform is on the list of online casinos real money which offers a handy mobile version of the site that allows you to play on the go. Since the portal has a few geo-restrictions, it unites gamblers and bettors from all over the world. While playing, you can select among more than 20 payment gateways, including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Piastrix, Rapid Transfer, etc.

Safe Methods For Online Deposit

Protected payment gateways are one of the must-have options for every legally operating online casino. This is also the second thing you should pay attention to (after a casino license) while choosing a particular platform. Below, you can see a short list of the most widely used and safe payment methods you can see on almost any real online casino.

  • top credit cards since they a routinely checked for fraudulent activity;
  • cryptocurrency because there are no third-parties between client and casino;
  • e-checks, which make online payment clear and straightforward;
  • virtual cards, which are currently accepted in most online gambling platforms.

Popular Online Casino Providers

Currently, you can select among hundreds of casino providers. However, only a part of them is authoritative software developers with reputations and various legal rewards. In the table below, you can see three representatives of this market which you can face on any online casino betting platform.


Short Description


The platform has already operated for 23 years in the casino software development sphere. It is distinguished for its vivid 3D slots with high-quality graphic and audio components. At the time of writing, most Betsoft slots are created according to HTML5 technology and supported on most desktop computers and mobile devices.


This is a relatively new player in this market. The company is aimed more at card games instead of slots. That is why, you can find a lot of blackjack (or twenty-one), poker, and baccarat games powered by this software developer. The current company regularly wins niche awards, especially for the high-quality VIP tables it provides for high-rollers. Plus, it supports free casino games online.


This is one of the pioneers in the software development market that was founded in 1994. Microgaming was also the first operator that created casino digital products for mobile applications. Plus, it became a co-founder of the eCORGA company and set rules and standards for responsible and fair gambling.

The Problem Of Gambling Around The World

If we consider this issue from various angles, then gambling activity has several main problems. First of all, it is gaming addiction. It is now an officially recognized disorder that requires intervention by competent medical professionals. Most new online casinos have a lot of info on their sites devoted to this topic. Gambling addiction poses not only a medical but also a social and financial threat to people and their close environment.

In addition to that, there is a problem directly connected with the game platforms. The fact is that the gambling market is developing extremely rapidly, and it is not always possible to track down fraud casinos, the main goal of which is to get money out of players in every way possible. Considering the scale and number of online real money casinos around the world, this results in the theft of millions of dollars a day.

This also includes the problem of money laundering in Brazilian Casinos and top casino in Germaniamize these factors, legal casinos implement various regulatory mechanisms ( for example KYC program). However, it is important to understand on your own how you can fall into the trap of scammers and do the research on the gaming platform on your own.

Legzo Casino Legzo Casino Full review
  • Brand New 2023!
  • Crypto Payments 15+ TOP Crypto Currencies
  • 400$ Welome Bonus
Jet Casino Jet Casino Full review
  • Massive range of software providers
  • Welcome Bonus is awarded not for one but a few deposits
  • You can gain access to other helpful services
Fresh Casino Fresh Casino Full review
  • High withdrawal limit
  • Live dealer games are available
  • Daily slots tournaments
Sol Casino Sol Casino Full review
  • Popular new casino
  • Good reputation among players
  • Huge choise of licensed slots
Izzi Casino Izzi Casino Full review
  • Casino has high withdrawal limit
  • Casino is mainly for Russian speaking players
  • The maximum number of withdrawals per day depends on the status of the player
888 Casino 888 Casino Full review
  • Online since 1997
  • Above average withdrawal limit
  • Popular progressive jackpot slots
Playzee Casino Playzee Casino Full review
  • Unlimited monthly withdrawals for players from UK
  • Huge variety of currencies
  • Casino is popular in the UK
SpinShake Casino SpinShake Casino Full review
  • Mobile friendly design
Royal Panda Casino Royal Panda Casino Full review
  • Amazing selection of 3,000+ casino slot machines
  • One of the fastest payouts in the business
  • Big progressive jackpots up for grabs
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  • How gamblers can check the legality of the online casino?

    FAQs About Playing Online Casino

    Before starting your play casino games online you should go to the platform’s website and check its license, certificates, regulator, and owner. The authoritative portal always posts contacts you can use to find out all details. Plus, you can check the top guide of the online casino on the independent web resources where other gamblers share their thoughts, tips and tricks, and game experience.

  • What is the casino license?

    A license is a special certificate issued by a competent regulator. The license automatically transforms a platform into a safe online casino. With the help of a license, a casino can officially integrate into the business environment of a certain region, pay taxes, integrate various payment systems, legally buy game software, and so on.

  • What is the software casino provider?

    This is a company that develops, implements, and maintains the functioning of gaming products (card games, slots, instant entertainment, etc.). Currently, there are hundreds of different companies, among which the most reputable are Betsoft, NetEnt, Microgaming, etc.

  • What is a casino bonus?

    This is a special reward you can get for making a certain action on the blackjack online casino or any other type of gambling portal. For example, you can get additional free cash or free spins for registration on casino websites, inviting active clients, achieving new levels of the VIP programs, etc.

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