Cashback Casino Bonus Offers 2023

Cashback bonuses are the concept that has tightly entered various spheres of marketing in one way or another related to financial activities. Currently, you can get cash back bonuses when buying a smartphone, booking a hotel room, ordering SPA procedures, and more. There are even special platforms for providing multi-category cashback offers (for example, Mailorama). But the gambling business is the most widely-known sphere associated with cashback. Nowadays, this promo has become more and more popular. According to statistics, more gamblers prefer, for example, a weekly cashback reward rather than a welcome promo. The best part of cashback casino bonuses Canada can offer is that it is suitable for all categories of players described in the table below.

Type of player



The player who has little experience in playing casino games or for whom it is a first-time use at all

High rollers

This is a characteristic for gamblers who always put high stakes and risk a lot of money.

Low rollers

These are the players who prefer tables with low stakes and low risk.

This trend has not bypassed the North American country, and currently, you can find a lot of resources with the best Canadian cashback casino sites. The current review is devoted to the most popular types of refund bonuses you can find in the Canadian gambling market. You can get an insight into what the refund reward means, learn about its various types, and how it works in general. Also, you can figure out how to use special promo codes to get a money-back reward and how to withdraw those funds. So scroll down to learn more on this topic.

What are Casino Cashback Bonuses?

As the name implies, cashback bonuses casino sites can offer is a kind of reward that allows players to get back some part of the funds they spent playing casino games. Currently, you can find this type of promo on almost any gambling platform because it is beneficial for both parties.

  1. For the casino itself as it can be an effective part of a marketing program that not only attracts new users but also keeps regular gamblers engaged. For example, this strategy is widely used by Ruby Fortune, which is one of the top cashback bonus online casinos.
  2. For players since they can compensate for some of the losses and improve the game experience.

Please note that this type of reward is often available as a part of the marketing program of the casino, so you need to keep an eye on the news of the platform and do not unsubscribe from the newsletter. For example, Vegas Crest Casino offers a temporary cashback reward that allows you to get 100% of all losses. This new cashback casino bonus is active only for two days in December.

You can get this promo as an addition to another bonus, such as a welcome reward. In this case, you are able to use the refund only once. If the platform offers a refund as a separate bonus, then you can regularly withdraw part of the lost funds, subject to cashback conditions.

As for the percentage of reimbursement, it depends on the specific platform. For example, the best cashback bonuses in Canada can range from 10 to 20%. However, there is always a maximum limit on the amount to claim back. You can always read these nuances in detail in the “Terms of Use” of a specific gambling portal.

Online Casino Gambling and Cashback Bonuses

Many online casinos offer the possibility to claim a part of the funds that you spent during the game. To be able to use all cashback casino bonus types, several conditions should be met (no matter which platform you are registered on).

  • registration on the platform and verification of personal data;
  • activation of the cashback bonus on your own or through a customer support service;
  • fulfillment of the conditions and time limits of the bonus.

Despite the apparent simplicity of online casino cashback bonuses, they have a number of nuances that you should pay attention to in order to get the maximum benefit.

Learn more about upper payout limits

If you check any cashback casino in Canada you can find out that they all never offer endless benefits. At some point, you reach an upper limit above which the portal cannot continue to pay out refund.

On most gambling sites, this reward is advertised as a fixed or progressive percentage of your net loss. At the same time, not every casino clearly defines the upper limit of the payout amount, as this can negatively affect the course of the casino cashback marketing campaign.

Therefore, you can often see wording like "cashback payout up to ...". That is why you should check the maximum loss limit you can claim. In order to find out the exact limits, you can contact the customer support service and make an appropriate request.

Explore loyalty programs

As a rule, players who have joined loyalty programs or VIP casino clubs have access to advanced cashback opportunities. This cashback variant you can find on the Wildz Casino.

This casino cashback site allows making a refund only if you are a part of a VIP program. Most casinos use a progressive system where you get a higher percentage when you reach a higher level.

Find out the payout format

This is an important point that players often do not pay attention to. The fact is that each cashback casino Canada can offer may transfer refunds to your main or game balance. In the first case, you are able to withdraw your funds to your card, PayPal, or e-wallet. In the second case, you can only use them to play slots, poker, blackjack, and other casino entertainment.

Find out if there are exceptions

Often casinos have a list of games that are not eligible for cashback bonuses. If you make a little web research, you can see that usually, platforms with casino cashback Canada offers do not provide refunds on live casino games, and slots by specific providers fall into this category.

Find out the lower payout limit

If you go to the description of a particular bonus, you will see that there is a minimum payout requirement. In most cases, this threshold is not significant.

Just remember that you cannot get a refund by making, for example, a few dozen spins in a slot machine.

Types of Online Casino Cashback Bonuses and Promotions

Currently, there is no clear classification of cashback bonuses. Nevertheless, the following subtypes can be distinguished in this group of rewards.

  1. Long-term refund. In this case, you can count on receiving a money-back reward every month on a clearly defined date. A prominent example is a Lucky Thrillz Casino that offers you get a refund of money you lost during the month of active using the platform. Sometimes cashback casino types online may offer two-month moneyback campaigns, but this is rather rare. Different casinos have different monthly payouts (from 2 to 30 percent or more). The most popular refund option is 10%: you can find it on most portals like Genesis Casino; you need to go to the “Terms of Use” of a particular gambling portal and study the information there.
  2. Short-term bonus casino cashback. Often you can find such promos at newly opened casinos that are trying to attract the attention of users and expand their audience. In this case, gamblers can count on a percentage of their funds that they lost during a short period of time (as a rule, it may be a week or two). You can find such a bonus on the Nightrush Casino that offers 10% refunds every Thursday from 10 pm to 6 am CET. It is worth saying that in this case, the conditions for providing a refund are much stricter on all cashback casino platforms.
  3. Game cashback. In this case, the casino offers clients to use a refund policy when playing a certain slot, table game, and so on. This also includes different themes; for example, you can get cashback on all slots with a Pirate theme. This type of bonus significantly expands the possibilities of the casino's marketing campaign and serves as a booster for many players.
  4. Online casino cashback from the provider. Here, the casino offers to use a refund when playing games from a certain provider. The most popular representatives in this area are Microgaming and NetEnt. Please note that such promotions are usually temporary, so you need to follow the newsletters and information on the official website of the casino.
  5. Converted refund. This type of bonus is aimed at active gamblers for whom the goal is the game process itself and not the final financial benefit. When using the converted money-back service on an online casino with cashback bonus, you have the opportunity to return part of the funds not in cash format but in the form of free spins, game coins, or even lottery tickets.
  6. Progressive cashback. This is not the reward you can easily find on all gambling portals or betting platforms. As a rule, it is aimed mostly at regular users. You can find this type of bonus on gambling sites that have VIP and loyalty programs. As you play, earn more points and move up the hierarchy, you are able to take advantage of higher percentages of cashback. For example, you can start at 3% as a beginner and work your way up to 30%.

Some gambling platforms with the best cashback casino bonuses offer two and more refund variants. So it is better to check the info on the specific casino site you are going to join.

Cashback Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are a special alphanumeric combination that allows you to get access to the cashback reward. The use of codes is a common practice in the gambling industry. So, you can find codes for the sign-up bonuses, deposit rewards, no deposit promo, and more. In order to use this option, you need to get the code, which you can find in two places:

  • directly on the official cashback bonus casino website of the gaming platform;
  • on the partner’s site from which you go to the game portal.

Also, some casinos practice sending the code by mail in a regular newsletter. Also, you can find bonus codes in messages on social networks where the casino has its own official community and group.

After you have received the code, you need to use a login and password to open your account and enter the combination in a special field. As a rule, this field appears directly at the start of the game or when you go to the corresponding section. The exception is the cashback signup bonus. In this case, during registration and filling in the fields with personal data, you should find a little small box for entering the code. It is important not to miss it, as this is a one-time opportunity, and it will not be possible to reactivate it.

Sometimes refund codes allow you to get a larger percentage of the return than a regular refund. You may come across this new casino cashback bonus when switching from partner sites.Sometimes you may face difficulties with finding the appropriate section for inputting the code or the system may not accept it.

The second case often appears if the combination is already irrelevant. In this case, you can always go to the customer support section and ask for team expert assistance.

All Cashback Casino no Deposit Bonus

This is a separate type of cashback reward that allows you to get a refund on a no deposit bonus. As a rule, this is a rather rare bonus since not all casinos support a no deposit promo at all. The fact is that all cashback casino no deposit rewards can be obtained after registration on the platform and verify your account.

Then, firstly, activate the no deposit reward, use it, and only after that — activate the cashback promo. It should be noted that the players, in this case, do not receive too large percentages. There are two main reasons for the irrationality of this casino promo for the gambling portal.

  1. Initially, all cashback casino no deposit bonus types provide the opportunity to play without placing the gambler's personal funds.
  2. In the future, the platform undertakes to return part of these funds.

Nevertheless, you can find such bonuses in new casinos that actively advertise their services and try to take their place in the gambling market.

Video Slots Bonus Code Cashback

This type of money-back reward you can get when playing on various slots. Depending on the type of game (regular or progressive jackpot slot) or provider, the percentage of video slots bonus code cashback may vary. Also, not all providers offer video slots with the ability to cash back funds. For example, if you visit the Everum Casino, you can see about 65 providers it cooperates with, but only a few of them support refund bonuses.

To get started with these casino cashback bonuses, you should go to the casino’s official website and proceed to the “Slots” section. After that, you launch the game and specify the bonus code you received on the platform or on the partner website. Using a promo code for video slots can have two effects:

  • providing cashback for games that do not have such an option without a code;
  • expanding the possibilities of a regular refund when you, for example, can double the cashback.

Please note that there are situations when one platform may offer the opportunity to return money directly to your main balance so you can withdraw them. And at the same time, the other bonus cashback casino may offer additional free spins or game coins in the form of converted cashback. It is always up to you what option to pick.

Casino Cashback Bonuses – Withdrawing and Wagering Money

At the time of writing, all gambling and betting portals can be divided into two groups regarding the refund policy.

  1. With wagering requirements.
  2. Without win-back requirements.

Most gambling platforms you can find on the Internet have mandatory wagering requirements in relation to cashback bonuses. Therefore, it is important to go to the casino’s official webpage and learn about this moment in detail. You can also get all the necessary info from the casino support service.

In this case, the cashback casino transfers a certain percentage of your losses to the game balance. You can also receive funds to the main account, but you won’t be able to withdraw them immediately, as they will be “frozen”. After that, you need to wager this amount of money a certain number of times in order to send it to your main balance.

Requirements can vary greatly depending on the cashback type, game, and specific platform. For example, the requirement for a regular refund on deposit funds can be about x25. At the same time, if you use a no deposit refund, then the cashback online casino may have an x50 wagering requirement. Another important limitation may be certain types of games on which you can wager money.

When you win back the amount, and the system transfers it to the main balance, you can use any available payment system to withdraw money. The only exception may be the requirement to use specific payment getaways. You can experience this situation in the case of cooperation between a casino and a specific payment system. However, it is not so common.

In all other cases, you can try Visa / MasterCard, Discover Card, and various electronic wallets for fiat and digital money. For example, Slot Empire Casino has a great variety of cryptocurrencies to withdraw funds (for example, deposit cashback bonus), including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, etc.

The process is almost identical to the situation when you withdraw other funds.

  1. Go to the platform’s official website and log into your private account.
  2. Now, find and open the section with the profile settings.
  3. Click on the “Withdraw” button and choose the payment gateways that are suitable for you.
  4. Specify the amount of funds you would like to get on your credit card or e-wallet and submit your decision by clicking the “Withdraw” button.

After the system operates the request, you can receive your funds. Keep in mind that the withdrawal time may be different depending on the specific payment gateway. For example, if you use cryptocurrency to withdraw cashback casino bonuses, then transactions do not take longer than a couple of seconds.

 But if you use bank transfers, it takes up to several hours. As a rule, the platform’s team always puts this information in the depositing/withdrawing section and duplicates it on the “Terms of Use” page. Also, do not forget that there are taxable bonuses and those you can withdraw for free.


  • What is the cashback bonus?


    This is a separate type of cashback casino bonus that you can find on most gambling portals and not so often on betting platforms (for example, Paddy Power or Bwin). It allows you to receive a part of your losses during a fixed period of time.

  • Are there any time limits for refund promos?

    Yes, such a casino cashback bonus allows you to get the money that you lost only during a specific period of time. The most often variants are monthly and weekly refund bonuses.

  • Can casino clients get cashback funds in cryptocurrency?

    Yes, this option is available. You feel free to use any available payment gateways that the casino offers from depositing and regular withdrawing funds from your account.

  • Can a gambling portal offer more than one refund option?

    Yes, it is possible. For example, some new casino cashback bonus platforms provide clients with the ability to get back part of losses on deposits and no deposit bonuses they make.

  • What is the progressive cashback?

    This is a reward you can get after achieving the next level of the casino VIP program or loyalty program. The essence of this bonus cashback is simple: the higher position you occupy - the bigger the refund percentage you can use.

  • Do all casinos have refund rewards?

    No, this is not an obligatory feature of the casino. Though most gambling platforms come with this option and offer cashback bonus free money, some portals prefer to focus on other promotions like big first deposit rewards, various giveaways, etc. (for example mFortune or Foxy Games Casino).

150% + 50 FREE SPINS for 1-deposit
  • Type: Undefined, cashback, no deposit, welcome, free spins
  • Wagering requirements: 25 x
  • Max. bet: 25 $
  • Max. Bonus Amount: 150 %
  • Free spins: 150
  • Max cashback: 10 $
  • Type: cashback, no deposit, free spins
  • Wagering requirements: Bonus, Bonus+deposit
  • Wagering requirements: 40 x
  • Min. deposit: 3 €
  • Max. bet: 5 €
  • Max. Bonus Amount: 150 %
  • Free spins: 100
  • Max. withdrawal: 200 €
  • Type: cashback, no deposit, free spins
  • Wagering requirements: Bonus
  • Wagering requirements: 20 x
  • Min. deposit: 251 $
  • Max. bet: -17 $
  • Bonus Value: 100 $
  • Max. Bonus Amount: 250 %
  • Max. withdrawal: 17 $
  • Max cashback: 10 $
75 Free Spins Welcome Bonus 600€ in Game of the Day + 75 DS. Free spins must be activated between.
  • Type: cashback, no deposit, welcome, free spins
  • Wagering requirements: Bonus
  • Wagering requirements: 20 x
  • Bonus Value: 600 $
  • Max. Bonus Amount: 137 %
  • Free spins: 75
Daily cashback 10% cash back bonus
  • Type: cashback
  • Max. Bonus Amount: 10 %
Daily cashback 10% cash back bonus
  • Type: cashback
  • Max. Bonus Amount: 10 %
1st deposit 100% cashback bonus up to $40
  • Type: cashback
  • Wagering requirements: Bonus
  • Bonus Value: 40 $
  • Max. Bonus Amount: 100 %
  • Type: cashback
  • Max. Bonus Amount: 12 %
  • Type: cashback
  • Wagering requirements: 3 x
  • Min. deposit: 5 €
  • Max. Bonus Amount: 8 %
  • Type: cashback, reload
  • Max cashback: 12 €
  • Type: cashback
  • Max. Bonus Amount: 7 %
  • Type: cashback
  • Wagering requirements: Bonus
  • Wagering requirements: 40 x
  • Min. deposit: 20 €
  • Max. Bonus Amount: 15 %
15% cashback bonus up to €1,000
  • Type: cashback
  • Wagering requirements: Bonus
  • Wagering requirements: 40 x
  • Max. bet: 15 €
  • Bonus Value: 1000 €
  • Max. Bonus Amount: 15 %
  • Max cashback: 1000 €
  • Type: cashback
  • Wagering requirements: Bonus
  • Max. bet: 15 €
  • Bonus Value: 1000 €
  • Max. Bonus Amount: 15 %
  • Max cashback: 1000 €
2% cashback bonus up to $1,000
  • Type: cashback
  • Wagering requirements: Bonus
  • Wagering requirements: 3 x
  • Bonus Value: 1000 €
  • Max cashback: 2 €
  • Type: cashback
  • Wagering requirements: Bonus
  • Max cashback: 3 €
  • Type: cashback
  • Wagering requirements: Bonus
  • Wagering requirements: 3 x
  • Max. bet: 5 €
  • Bonus Value: 150 €
  • Max. Bonus Amount: 10 %
  • Max cashback: 150 €
  • Type: Undefined, cashback, no deposit, welcome, reload, free spins
  • Wagering requirements: Bonus, Bonus+deposit
  • Wagering requirements: 5 x
  • Min. deposit: 100 $
  • Max. bet: 10000 $
  • Bonus Value: 100000 $
  • Max. Bonus Amount: 100 %
  • Free spins: 300
  • Max. withdrawal: 10000000 $
  • Max cashback: 1000 $