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Online Casino Bonuses December 2022

Pros Of Playing Online With Bonuses

There are several of the most important casino bonus systems’ advantages, including:

  1. The user that takes advantage of the casino bonuses will most likely be much more successful at playing than players who don’t do that. It is because the bonuses are directly influencing your percentage of profit by giving you additional chances to get a win. For example, there are plenty of online casino bonuses which grant you free spins. Each spin you do takes you closer to the desired jackpot.
  2. Bonuses are helping new players get more comfortable with casinos. We all started our way some time ago, and we remember how hard it can be to make the first deposit. And so, one of the best tools to overcome that psychological barrier can be a bonus. As the bonuses encourage players with a solid amount of additional funds, it can give you a boost of confidence which is just what you need.
  3. Bonuses for signing up are giving any gambler a great start for money betting. Such offers like the casino welcome bonus give you a headstart and pour plenty of spins and additional funds on you when you first enter the casino. So the features you get from welcome bonuses should be a good starting amount for the beginning of your gambling.
  4. As there are so many different bonuses appearing in 2022, almost any player can find which suits him. Let’s say you are a big player who likes to get crazy payouts after making a huge deposit. Such a player will find a great use for a high roller bonus type, often activated after making a significant deposit. Or, on the other hand, you might be a modest player who doesn’t like spending too much on gambling. That is completely fine, and you will be able to take advantage of low deposit bonuses.
  5. Another advantage of the online casino welcome bonus is the fact that it allows you to conduct a little casino revision. By that, we mean that you can use given bonuses to check out as much casino content and play free, so you will be able to decide whether you want to continue playing on this platform or not. Or you can, for example, just check some new slots which you didn’t want to spend money on;
  6. Casino online bonus systems can also be used for understanding game rules or developing new sophisticated strategies. The game catalog of your favorite casino might still have plenty of different games you don’t know how to play, and the best online casino bonuses will help you get familiar with them. In addition, you can use bonuses for developing strategies for such complicated games as Poker or even Craps.

But like any other system, bonuses are not perfect, and we’ve managed to find a few minor drawbacks for them:

  1. Restricted wagering. It is very important to read the terms of bonuses, so you will initially know what the wagering requirement applied to them. Even the best bonus casino can offer you will have wagering limits. They mean you will not be able to withdraw the funds you get from the bonus without playing through them a certain number of times. For example, a bonus that gives you $20 might have an x4 multiplier,  Which means you have to bet four times more to withdraw ($80).
  2. Time restrictions. Almost any bonus casino can offer has a duration that sets you in strict time limits. So as soon as you get a bonus, you will need to use its features until their time expires.
  3. Payout limits. All the casino bonus offers have a certain payout limit, preventing you from winning too much from the free spins/funds. For example, if a casino sign-up bonus grants you $50 for bets, it definitely has a payout limit, so you will not be able to get more than a certain amount from the win.
  4. Game restrictions. You can extract many of the casino bonus values only within a certain game. Thus, if the site gives you some free spins, it is not rare that they can be applied only to a specific slot.
  5. Bet limits. If you have obtained a set of free spins, you should be ready to face the fact that your bet on the spin can’t exceed a certain number. The amount you will be able to bet will usually be no more than $1.

As you can see, most of the bonus drawbacks are all about the terms and conditions. The devil hides in details, which is why you should always examine the full terms of the bonus before rushing in to activate it.

List Of The Best Bonuses For Today

There are many different casino bonuses that you can take advantage of today. We have done a little research alongside reading reviews of the most popular casino websites to show you what kind of bonuses are the best now.

Booi Casino

The first one we want to show you is a start bonus at Booi Casino, which you can use as soon as you get an account. This casino bonus is separated into five different portions, which you can choose when to activate on your own. So three of the portions can be activated after a 15 dollars deposit, and they give you:

  1. 50 free spins;
  2. 25 free spins;
  3. 50 free spins.

And the rest of the portions can be used with minimum deposits of $20+:

  1. 200% match bonus up to $300;
  2. 50% up to $300


Another peculiar promo that is very popular in 2022 is the online casino bonus code system presented at Ignition Poker games.  Both these casino bonus codes give a match bonus when you deposit with crypto assets. Thus, one of the codes gives you a significant 1,500 dollars Poker welcome bonus after crypto deposits.

You will also find different themed promos pretty often. Usually, their design is directly related to the casino website. For example, a ”Bloody Mary” bonus, presented at Red Stag casino, gives you 85% on every deposit made on a Thursday.

Miami Club Casino

Some promotional bonuses give you free spins to a certain slot type. Thus, Miami Club Casino has a special promo called “Wheel of chance II,” which gives you 50 free spins on the Wheel Of Chance II slot and is considered a pretty good bonus.

Zerro Top

And lastly, arguably the best welcome bonus casino sites have ever presented is on the Zerro Top platform. They have parted it into four different segments, and each of them can be obtained in a default or a high roller version. The high roller version gives you much more generous bonuses, but it is activated only when you make a higher first deposit. For example, a normal version of the bonus offers you:

  • 250 free spins;
  • 100% up to 499 euros;

While the high roller bonus features:

  • 250 free spins;
  • 100% up to 10 000 euros.

Types Of Online Casino Bonuses

All the online casino bonus deals can be parted with the help of classification. Thus, we could have created a list of the most commonly used latest casino bonuses, which you have already probably seen. Each of these promos is a great offer that will serve you as a tool to prolong your casino gambling or increase your chances of winning. Read the information about bonuses carefully, so the next time you will face any of those while playing, you will know how to deal with them without losing any precious time.

Receive Welcome Bonus

As the name suggests, the best online casino welcome bonus systems are meant to be used by new players before the start of the game. And if being a little more exact, you will need to sign up and complete email verification before using this online casino bonus.

This online casino bonus type intends to give you a boost when you start playing, so you will be able to check more casino content. That is a great tool invented by casino developers that gives value to the player who gets into a new casino and to the casino itself, who finds a new prospect.

Best casino welcome bonus systems give players different kinds of features, including

  • free spins;
  • additional funds;

Most of these kinds of bonuses are obtained via entering a special page on the website, but you can also get them with the help of casino bonus codes. Welcome bonuses also usually have some requirements, as seen in the previous paragraph. The most usual one you will see is a minimum deposit, and its amount will differ based on how many bonuses you will get. But usually, the number doesn’t exceed $20.

Some of the most distinct advantages brought by the best welcome bonuses casinos have to offer are:

  1. They give you a good starting amount of funds to get familiar with a new casino platform;
  2. Allow you to discover more casino games with free spins and additional funds;
  3. You are getting more chances to win a jackpot.

But unfortunately, there are also a few disadvantages of the online casino sign-up bonus (welcome bonus), including:

  • Payout limits;
  • Wagering limits;
  • Time limits;

Match Bonus Online Casino

One of the exclusive offers you can find at many casinos is the match bonuses. This online casino bonus type gives you a certain additional amount of money to your initial deposit. For example, a match promo can be 50%, and developers usually set a maximum limit for this gift, so you don’t abuse it too much. Thus, if you deposit $100, you will additionally get 50% of this number; in other words, your prize is equal to $50.

Match bonuses are often part of another promotional system, like a welcome deal. But there are some cases when casinos launch solely match promos to give some extra credit to their users. But most often, they are obtained by using online casino bonus codes. Promotional codes can be found on social pages of online casinos and other casino-related resources.

It is very important to carefully read the terms before using a match promo, as it contains crucial information. For example, you need to know what minimum deposit is required to activate a match bonus. Match promotions and similar deposit bonuses always have a max amount, which serves as the cap of the gift that you can’t exceed. For example, the max value you can get from the bonus is not higher than $200.

To activate a match promo, a user needs to:

  1. Get an account on the desired casino website;
  2. Locate a match bonus and carefully read the terms;
  3. Press the activate button;
  4. Deposit according to the terms;
  5. Enjoy your bonus!

Discover a Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is an online casino bonus type specified for gamblers who have already deposited at their platform. Thus, as its name suggests, existing casino players will get some kind of promo like free spins, match deposits, or combined variations. For example, reload bonuses often give approximately 15% match deposit and around 25 free spins. These promotions are usually granted like monthly bonuses or weekly bonuses to keep players engaged and entertained.

Generally, reload promos offer a lower percentage of a match boost or free spins, but if we consider that you will get them regularly, then it is fine. But don’t miss out on the terms. Keep in mind that if you just play casino games in the demo mode, it will not be enough to use this type of bonus. An essential condition is that you have already made a real money deposit, and only after that the bonus will be available.

Reload bonuses have a list of distinct advantages, including:

  • They can be spiced up with free spins;
  • A good way to get back into the gambling after a pause;
  • Presented almost in any casino, but usually, they go as a part of loyalty/VIP program.

But we were also able to find a couple of drawbacks:

  • They can’t be utilized by new players;
  • Feature strict wagering requirements;
  • Total bonus percent is not that high.

Keep an eye on the reload promo limits, as even the best online casino bonus deals have those. And, of course, don’t forget about their time limits and check them in the first place not to be late.

No Deposit Bonus For Free Play

Most players think that the best bonus online casinos can offer is no deposit bonuses. And as you might have guessed from its name, the promo doesn’t require you to make any deposit. Thus, you don’t have to expose any of your actual documents, as they are shown when you use most of the payment methods. The previous words are applied if we talk about no deposit promotions given to new players, which is a common practice. But what is seen even more often in good online casinos is no deposit gifts given to the regular players. You can also obtain such juicy bonuses via online casino coupon codes.

If we talk about what kind of reward you might be getting from a no deposit promo, they usually include free spins or additional cash, or, as you might guess, a combination of them. But, to be honest, seeing a gift without a cash-in requirement is quite a rare obstacle, and it would be a sin not to use it if you find it. Just like the best online casino sign-up bonus, a no deposit deal is used to acquaint you with a casino service and convince you to start to bet your own money.

Even though getting free bonuses might sound extremely attractive, there is a trick. In most casinos, you will not be able to withdraw funds earned from this promo. Thus, you will need to make a deposit first to do that. But if you get a good reward, a cash-in of a couple of tenths of bucks might be worth it.

Casino developers usually set higher wagering requirements for promos without cash-in requirements to make players spend more time at their gambling platform. However, you should not forget that “no deposit” is just a marking for promotional bonuses. For example, a “roll over” or “play-through” value might be x25 or higher. That means you would need to wager an amount that is x25 higher than the given no deposit bonus.

Play With Cashback

A pretty common bonus online casino sites have to offer is a cashback. You might already be familiar with this deal, as it is implemented in many other spheres, like sales. It gives you back a certain percentage of your total losses. The numbers are usually small and range from 3 to 10 percent. Even though numbers might seem not that big, if you play casino and deposit regularly, they will stack into a solid amount.

Casinos usually allow users to increase an amount of cashback by using a loyalty program, which we will discuss later. A good thing about cashback is that it is free of wagering requirements, and you get no additional obligations. However, you should not consider this bonus a way to get more funds and the best earnings. A better perspective to look at is a way to recover your wallet and compensate for the losses. But if we would like to take a look at its overall pros, they would be:

  • Pretty good returns;
  • Has no wagering requirements;
  • Simple to use and get profit off;

While we could also find a couple of cons, including:

  • You can rarely find cashback bonus;
  • Have maximum limits.

As said, cashbacks are often claimed by VIP programs, but there are some exclusions. But as the rule of thumb, you should remember that getting a cashback is usually given to the regular players who make significant deposits.

Invite A Friend And Get A Bonus

Online casino best bonus to use if you have friends who are also into playing casinos is refer/invite a friend promo. A friendship bonus system is a great tool to encourage old players to play while bringing in new ones. First, you need to get a special link that needs to be sent to your friend. Then he will follow the instructions, which usually suggest signing up and depositing funds. After completing the requirements, you and your friend will get promised bonuses. As usual, the rewards might be additional funds, free spins, etc.

Such bonuses might also offer a kind of checkpoint system. For example, if your friend deposits a certain amount of money ($100, $200, and so on), you and he will get additional rewards. Or the system might just give you a percent of his deposit as additional funds on your wallet. Another interesting fact is that a referral link for this bonus can be utilized multiple times. This means that the more friends you will invite, the bigger bonus you will get.

To claim the “Invite a friend” bonus and start making bigger bets at such games as roulette, you will need to find its page, which should be located around top online casino bonuses. And just like with a sign-up casino bonus, you will need to press an activate button, which will result in you getting a special referral link. Sometimes, you can activate this bonus only via online casino codes, which you would need to look for on the net.

Remember that this type of bonus is quite rare to see nowadays. Even though you will not earn millions with it, you and your friends will get a solid value. So whenever you see a possibility to use this bonus, take advantage of your chance.

Get A Loyalty Bonus

Most online casinos' main task is getting as many regular players as possible. And for that purpose, they are ready to encourage players with the most generous tools. And we can confidently say that the loyalty system is one of the best casino bonus systems to get your hands on. Basically, a loyalty program rewards players with tons of juicy stuff like free spins, additional funds, cashback, and unique gambling tools for regularly playing at a certain casino platform.

To clarify, a casino will grant you special loyalty points. The more points you get, the bigger the level of your loyalty program will be. And the higher your level, the more bonuses you can get. A system of earning points can differ from one casino to another. For example, some give points for just depositing, others for playing games (sometimes even particular ones), and some only for winning.

Some platforms have special online casino promo codes, giving you additional points. But one of the most exciting loyalty systems are ones that feature gamification. Thus, you will get a mission list, and each mission rewards you with a certain amount of points. It might usually offer entire adventures with comics and local plots, which will keep you entertained during the process. And so you can gradually build your way through missions to reach the highest level and the best rewards, just like in your favorite video game!

If you got confused with plenty of the information then there is a little step-by-step guide on how to get it:

  1. Sign up at desired online casino;
  2. Verify the account;
  3. Examine the loyalty program, and discover how to progress through it;
  4. Complete given tasks and get points;
  5. Convert the points into desired bonuses at the Loyalty Bonus page!

And you should not worry about getting to the top of the loyalty program. Usually, this process goes quite naturally as you will get points just for playing your favorite casino games. Sometimes you will not even notice that you have already got a couple of levels in the Loyalty Program.

Some platforms get very creative with this online casino games bonus by providing extremely interesting rewards, like:

Birthday bonuses

After becoming a part of the loyalty program, the casino starts to highly value your presence on their platform and gives you unique bonuses for your birthday;


Personal account manager.

A special tool made to help you manage your time spent at a casino, giving you statistics on your playing.


Increased deposits/withdrawals

If you were ever frustrated with the number of funds you can deposit/withdraw, you can expand that number by progressing through the loyalty system. You can also increase the processing time for your payments.


Exclusive real-life rewards

Some casinos give access to their players for special real-life tips like computer devices and even sports events tickets. These bonuses are available only to high-notch loyalty program members.

VIP Bonuses

Many players don’t know the difference between VIP bonuses and a loyalty system, so they often confuse them. It is particularly understandable, as features you get from the VIP bonuses system are often quite similar to the loyalty programs. The main difference between those is that the loyalty program is initially available to every player, while to get VIP promos, you will need to get a special invitation to the casino VIP club. And, of course, there is no special casino bonus code that will get you closer to the VIP club.

A VIP program is far beyond the simple promotions mentioned in the previous paragraphs. This system aims to create a special experience that will make players feel unique and luxurious. Thus, for such purposes, the casino creates a special support service that can quickly consult VIP players and resolve their problems. VIP users also get access to a special lounge room where they can chat with the same status players and just chill while not playing.

If you want to quickly get access to VIP online casino bonus system, then we can give you a few little recommendations:

  • Play regularly. To be noticed by the online casino management, you will need to regularly deposit and play various games on the casino, starting with video bingo and finishing with different live casino options.
  • Take part in tournaments. Sometimes casinos conduct tournaments where players need to compete and win significant prizes. Such tournaments are a great tool to get noticed by the online platform, especially if you win it.
  • Be a part of the casino community. If a casino has a forum page, it would be great if you would help other gamblers there with their questions. Such activity will not go unnoticeable to developers.

Casino Welcome Bonus

Among many of de online casino bonus types we have looked at, the easiest and one of the best deals is the casino welcome promo. That is the one we highly suggest you take advantage of due to its great value and uniqueness. In other words, you simply can’t ignore the fact that you can use this juicy promotion only once, and that is why you should quickly follow the guidelines on getting it, which you will find in the following paragraph.

How To Get A Welcome Bonus When Signing Up

Getting a sign-up bonus at online casino is a simple process aimed at newcomers. In order to get the gift, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Read the terms. You need to know how the exact online casino sign-up bonus works, as all the platforms might differ.
  2. Sign up. Now you will need to check in by typing in some essential info. Sometimes you will also need to verify the data you gave via email/mobile number.
  3. Activate the bonus. The thing is that some casinos might give you a welcome bonus right away after your first deposit, while at others, you will need to activate it in the first place, and sometimes you will need to enter an online casino bonus code. So make sure to figure that out before depositing.
  4. Cash in. You will need to go to the cashier page and choose a convenient payment method that you will use for the transaction. Now, type in the number of funds you want to deposit. Remember that you need to exceed a certain threshold to activate the bonus (it's usually not more than $20). If you don’t know where to find this information, go back to step 1.
  5. Enjoy the bonus. Take advantage of the received additional funds and free spins, but don’t forget that they have conditions you need to follow.

Conditions For Receiving A Welcome Bonus

Like any other promotion, the casino online sign-up bonus lists the special terms and conditions you must follow to use it. Besides the list of complicated conditions, it also has a few basic ones, like you need to be over 18 years old to use.

At first, you should examine what kind of games can be played with the bonuses you receive. Usually, additional funds can be used for wagering at any game, while you can utilize free spins only at specific slots.

Another important aspect of conditions is wagering requirements. Their purpose is to prevent you from abusing the values you get from the welcome bonus. Thus, you will not be able to get the promo of $100, play a couple of games, let’s say for the $50, and then take what is left and just leave. So you will be informed on how many times you have to wager with the received bonuses, or how much of it you have to spend.

But in most cases, wagering requirements will be marked as “x” and a certain number. For example, if the promotion you got is $100, and the number you need to match it with is five (x5), you will firstly need to wager $500 to withdraw the bonus funds.

There is also a special regulation applied to the time when you can use the bonus value. Thus, it has an expiry date that you should definitely find before obtaining the promo. Additionally, you are restricted regarding the number of additional funds you can get, usually marked as “250% up to $2,000”. And the final condition set by most casinos is a maximum bet and maximum win. Thus, you are not allowed to bet more than a basic rate defined by developers, and the reward you get is also restricted. Even though it might be extremely disappointing, if you get the biggest jackpot of your life during bonus free spins, your prize will probably be cut in more than half.

Recommendation Of The Best Casino Bonuses

As you could have already guessed, online casino bonus systems offer a solid value to casino users and can’t be ignored. So you might have a question “How should I approach taking advantage of bonuses?” Well, there are some recommendations which will help you to get the most efficiency out of the bonuses and win more:

  • Don’t neglect reading the terms and conditions. You might be super excited about the casino 200 percent bonus that you have just seen on the casino’s main page, but that information is nothing unless you know all the details about it. As we mentioned, you can face plenty of pitfalls when you try to use a certain bonus. And so, every experienced gambler will always read through the terms and conditions not to miss any crucial info.
  • Use welcome offers. If you want to find which of the promotions usually holds the biggest value and offers the best bonus return, it would probably be a welcome offer. That is why you should never neglect those kinds of offers and take advantage of them as soon as you can.
  • Don’t rely too much on the bonuses. You should consider them a pleasant addition to the gambling experience, not a thing that your playing should depend on.
  • Search for the bonus codes. Bonus codes for online casinos are like pieces of treasure spread around the golden island. But in our case, we don’t need to dig the ground to find them. Instead, codes can be found on other recourse that somehow relate to the desired casino platform. Thus, it can be their social pages, YouTube channels, blogs, or maybe even their reviews.
  • Look for special offers. You need to keep your eyes on the casino’s info pages, as you can find many facts that might benefit you. For example, casino developers often notify users about upcoming bonuses and special offers. And, of course, you should be ready to take advantage of them.
  • Know when to use bonuses. At first, you might think you need to utilize each promo you will see quickly, but the practice teaches us differently. Let’s take reload bonuses, for example. It would be best to use them when your casino balance gets closer to zero. Such an approach will allow you to stay consistent for a longer time and play more. It would be even better if you have formed a particular strategy on the bonus use, which you will strictly follow. Thus, you would need to examine what kind of promotions you have an access to, and based on their type you could plan when to use them. The welcome gift will usually be an obvious option when you are just starting out, and so on.
  • Have fun. But after all, don’t overthink too much. Remember why you have visited a casino website and what is your main purpose. Just relax and try to get the most joy out of the process as you can. Even if your playing session was not so rewarding today, you will have many more of them in the future!